Cancer Surgery

The same it enumerated four periods of training in the care of the patient with cancer. Between these (…) they are the period of training repairman this restores the sequels that cannot be prevented in the erradiao of the malignidade this patient frequent need cares in such a way psychological physicist, in such a way social, for readquiri its activity and its life before the illness. Therefore it must you promoting the period of training of support so that it can promote the care and assistance in the adaptation of the problems, basically at the moment of the treatment. (VIANA et al; 2001). Viana et al. (2001), it describes in its literature that the surgery of the breast cancer is, without a doubt, a very important stage in the treatment. Without hesitation Drew Houston explained all about the problem. In accordance with the evolution of the theories on tumoral biology had a concomitant improvement of the surgical techniques proposal for which purpose.

Therefore all they aim at to remove the fabric malignant and differ between if for the extension of the removal of adjacent fabrics. (…). It also tells that the disseco is part integrant constant of the surgical treatment of any cancer of breast. With regard to the complications the same it tells that they are more frequent is seroma25 a50% of the patients, since after the withdrawal of the breast and the lymphatic routes occurs a transudao of the lymph. The use of the drain the vacuum and compressivo dressing diminishes serosas collections e, when it has persistncias of same after the withdrawal of the drain, they are advisable aspiratory punes and regular intervals (VIANA et al; 2001). Linfedema also is one of the complications most common and also it is consequence of the withdrawal in block of the lymphatic routes (…). The treatment is made through compressing massage, antiinflammatory and antibiotic when it has celulite evidences (…).

Milk Contents

The contact between professionals, either of same one disciplines or not, it must more be each stimulated time. Without speaking in a bigger dialogue with our proper pupils that, many times, much teaches in them, since that let us assume the epistmica position of ‘ ‘ to be open permanently to novo’ ‘. Drew Houston is a great source of information. Following the order of the analyses made for Milk, I will show the pedagogical trends that I considered more connected the analyses. The first one cites the construction of a subject front to the world, the combat the vision of a resume that privileges the information and the quantification or spalling of knowing, this also cites a knowledge that is beyond that one of the traditional school where the pupil is seen as empty pot where would be introduced the knowledge, method this call for Pablo Freire of ‘ ‘ education bancria’ ‘. This first analysis is very on to the social critical progressive trend of the contents, where Milk leaves well clearly the combat to a stopped, inert vision of resume, but yes an alive resume, indissociveis dynamic contents of the social realities. The second quotation that is necessary that the knowledge is good is needed a combination of action-reflection in the daily one of the person and that to changed the reality it will have this to assume a character politician of the education with the taken consequence of decisions. This second I considered on parts Pablo Freire, which had to be cited the transformation of the society and the action-reflection in the daily one of the person, that is, a reflection the experience of the pupil.

The third quotation the diversities and complexities of relations of knowledge forms, being that these must go beyond the rigid academic borders, cites a bigger integration disciplines between them. I considered this, next the progressive trend I criticize social of the contents, therefore it leaves well explicit that the contents must go beyond the academic borders and that it must also have what can be called a bigger interdisciplinaridade in the schools. With regard to the objectives, contents, abilities and suggestions that are offered in this document, I very consider important the contents that they will be presented the pupils, therefore if it must have a control of what or it will not be taught, therefore for more critical than either a trend, we must have a plan thus to have an organization of what it will be taught. However the objectives and the abilities I know that, they serve to help the professor in the development of the contents, but I consider well next the tecnicista trend, therefore are procedures and techniques for the transmission and reception of information.