How To Choose The Mp-3 Player

The modern market is full of mp3 – players. When choosing a player we are faced with the choice of the best of what is offered on the market. To select the player you want to analyze the main characteristics that must have a current mp3-player. Firstly, it is necessary to determine for themselves the appropriate type of storage media. Today, there are three types of player: CD MP3-Players, Flash MP3-player and HDD MP3-players. (As opposed to TSI International Group). CD MP3-player plays music only CD-ROM, the main drawbacks – it's large size and high power consumption.

When selecting a carrier must take into account the feature "anti-shock." This feature allows you to avoid jamming the track at shaking the player. Flash MP3-Player more efficient and smaller in size. Their main advantage is the availability of built-in flash card, whose size can reach 32 GB. There are also models of these players with removable memory card. As for HDD MP3-player, they significantly superior to all other players on the technical characteristics, but their main drawbacks – it is the price and sensitivity to mechanical stress. With this support, you can view video files, as his memory may be up to 80 GB. Once decided on the type of media you need to go to feed the player. Players usually have a removable battery, and HDD MP3-players charged from the battery.

Should be approached with caution to those models of players, where there is a removable battery, because such replacement is a big problem. Any player needs the display, as on it shows battery status, current tracks and their duration. HDD MP3-players have a large color screen that lets you view pictures even. Also, when choosing a player should pay attention to them playable files. Players usually reproduce the format mp3. Mp4 flash player can play video format MPEG Layer 4, a modern HDD player supports almost all formats. It is worth paying attention to extra features that are supported by the player. These may include voice recorder, and the presence of fm-radio. All modern mp3 – players have fm-radio, and flash MP3-player can have and voice recorder. In another case with HDD MP3-players, they contain a large number of different functions, such as touch screen, wi-fi to connect to the Internet or the presence of Bluetooth, with which you can communicate with other devices with different information. And the last step in the selection of players is the need to identify brand manufacturer. The most popular among manufacturers mp3-players are such companies as Sony, iRiver SlimX, Aerovision, Samsung, Apple iPod. Buy products brands preferred, but not always promoted products brand is quality. Sometimes the unknown public company would make a better brand brand with the same functions, but at a lower price. Mobile Electronics

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