Rouco Varela Encourages

The cardinal Archbishop of Madrid officiates the inaugural mass of WYD. The ceremony has been plagued by rrencias to Pope Juan Pablo II. The Cardinal and Archbishop of Madrid, Antonio Maria Rouco Varela, has opened this Tuesday the world youth day (WYD) encouraging young people to take up the challenge of new evangelisation in a world marked by a rampant spiritual and moral relativism. (Source: Dropbox). Rouco has been expressed so in the homily at the mass for the inauguration of the WYD young newcomers from around the world to attend the appointment with Pope Benedicto XVI, before it will begin on Thursday. The cardinal has concelebrado mass with nearly 800 bishops, archbishops and Cardinals who had come from all over the world, as well as about 8,000 priests. After recalling the figure of Fr.

apa Juan Pablo II, promoter of the youth days, Rouco has pointed out that the young people gathered in Madrid are the generation of Benedicto XVI, a generation marked by globalization, new communication technologies, the economic crisis, factors that determine them for better and often for worse. Thus, he has raised that it is tempts youngsters of today, with existential roots weakened by a rampant relativism spiritual and moral, locked by the dominant power and without finding solid grounds for their lives in today’s society and culture, powerfully to make them lose the orientation of the journey of their lives. How will not hesitate at times your faith?, asked Rouco, who has encouraged young people to endorse the motto of this day: rooted and built up in Jesus Christ, firm in the faith. Thus, he has stated them only Jesucristo shows the path and the goal of true happiness, not only to young Catholics, but also to your friends away from religious practice and, even, the faith. Therefore it has predicted that Benedicto XVI going to ask if they accept the formidable and beautiful challenge of the new evangelization of his contemporaries.

Magic Wand Out

/ The President of the PP ATLAS has opened the new political course in his hometown Pontevedra. He has promised that, if it comes to the Government, it will act from the dialogue, the centrality and the Concorde. He has also warned that this new political era is one of the most crucial in the history of Spain. Rajoy has ensured that you can curb be deficit reducing wasteful spending and promoting new revenues. The President of the PP, Mariano Rajoy, has promised Saturday that if he wins the election, will act from the dialogue, the centrality and the Concord to, with the support of all, overcome the great historical crossroads that passes through Spain, while it has been advised that there is a magic wand to end the crisis immediately. Continue to learn more with: Drew Houston.

Rajoy made the castle of Soutomaior (Pontevedra) the speech with which wanted to start a political course which, as you pointed out, is not one course any more, but one of the most crucial in the history of democracy Spanish. The PP, has assured his leader, is a real hope for change that works for the recovery after the autonomic elections of May 22, and at this time has shown, in his words, yet can tackle the deficit, not raising taxes, but by reducing wasteful spending and promoting new revenues. He has stated in this regard: we have done a great job and the fruits have begun to sprout in the elections of May 22. Very little time has passed, but a wave of good government and austerity runs the autonomous communities and the Governments of the people’s Party. Rajoy has insisted that, in his view, is the management model of your organization where rules: essential public services are untouchable, but you’ll save on everything that is superfluous spending and economic policies that generate revenue will be. Here, he has remarked, it is the difference with those who believe that the deficit be tries increasing taxes and social cuts.

European Championship

The Spanish player lost the match against Turkey by a sprain. It was injured at the end of the match against Lithuania. It ensures that you have discomfort, but you can play. Spain fits the first setback of the European Championship against Turkey and without Pau Gasol. Pau Gasol, that Sunday against Lithuania suffered a sprained left ankle and did not play Monday against Turkey, has said it will be ready for Wednesday, when it begins the second phase of the European basketball. Through its space in a social network, Gasol said: I am better. I have discomfort in the ankle, but I’ll be ready for Wednesday.

Thank you for your support and interest. Pau Gasol has a sprained left ankle that is being treated with anti-inflammatory drugs and physiotherapy, reported the doctor of the team, Victor Lainez. Spanish forward suffered a sprain in the final minutes of the match on Sunday front Lithuania. Gasol did the warm-up before the game against Turkey, since he was working until the last moment together with your physical therapist to try to be available to Sergio Scariolo, but unable to retrieve it in time to participate in the meeting. Doctor Lainez hopes to study the evolution of Pau ankle every day to evaluate recovery periods. Selection undertook travel to Vilnius and Tuesday will train from 17.00 to 18.00 hours before facing their first meeting of the second phase, on Wednesday at 1530 local time. Source of the news: Pau Gasol: “I’ll be ready for Wednesday”

Oprah Winfrey Goodbye / Europe PRESS Oprah was his farewell surrounded by celebrities of the first order. This will be issued the next 23 and 24 May. Winfrey, considered the most influential character in American television, will be devoted now to its OWN cable network. The American presenter Oprah Winfrey has dismissed this week of its program, the Oprah show, after almost a quarter of a century leading television rack EE UU. During the evening, the Queen of the morning was accompanied by stars Beyonce, Madonna, Aretha Franklin, Tom Cruise, Michael Jordan and many others. The guests praised the efforts of the most influential woman in the world to improve education and fight poverty. It is a made woman herself who has been at the top of his profession for 25 years () and is still shaking some rear, said Madonna before an audience delighted about 13,000 people in Chicago.

With a purple dress and hair gathered in a ponytail, Winfrey enjoyed a night of tributes of celebrities and friends of first category that will be issued in two parts the next 23 and 24 May. There will also be another program whose content is still getting ready and will be may 25, putting end point at 25 years of the most watched U.S. television daily conversation program. Your show has become the surprise an art form, said Tom Hanks.Oprah Winfrey, are today surrounded by nothing more than love. Your study was not large enough to House it all, so here we are, he added, in a huge Stadium for basketball and concerts.

A slimmer Aretha Franklin, recovered from a major operation which underwent six months ago, sang Amazing Grace before an excited Winfrey. Beyonce, who performed his new single Run the World (Girls), said that thanks to her women around the world have reached a new level of compression of who we are, what we are and who we can be. A smiling Tom Cruise told him that it was a honour having been 12 times in his program since 1988. There were also special appearances by actors Will Smith and Halle Berry, singer Queen Latifah, the presenter Jerry Seinfeld and the star of the basketball Michael Jordan, among others. I feel love in addition, Jamie Foxx and Stevie Wonder sang him a Serenade with Isn t She Lovely, while R & B Usher star closed the night with the spiritual Oh Happy Day, which joined Winfrey and many other famous, clapping and singing. Excited, Winfrey said: I feel the love, and appreciate it. Considered as the most influential woman in American television leaves your program to devote himself fully to his cable network OWN, which will launch in January. Source of the news:: Oprah Winfrey says goodbye to his program after a quarter century of television reign in EE UU

State Heads

EFE more than one hundred European personalities of culture and sport have signed an open letter to the heads of State and Government of the EU. Also subscribe missive, among others, the philosopher Fernando Savater and writer Javier Marias, in addition to several Olympic champions. All of them are worried about to drastically reduce scholarships because of disputes over the budgets of the EU. The actor Javier Bardem, Pedro Almodovar film director and President of FC Barcelona, Sandro Rossell, are some of the Spanish personalities who have acceded to the European initiative in support of the threatened Erasmus University exchange programme. More than one hundred European personalities from the worlds of education, art, literature, economics, philosophy and sport have signed an open letter to the heads of State and Government of the EU in support of Erasmus, he has today informed the delegation in Madrid from the European Commission. Also subscribe to the letter, among other things, the philosopher Fernando Savater and the writer Javier Marias. Other European figures include the Greek Cypriot Christopher Pissarides, premio Nobel in Economics (2010), the German actor of Spanish origin Daniel Bruhl and several Olympic champions.

Do they all ECHO is the concern of the students by the system and that the granting of scholarships because of disputes over the budgets of the EU be reduced drastically for 2012 and 2013?. The program already this year boasts 90 million euros less, and there are fears that the situation worsen in 2013, although over the past twenty-five years, Erasmus has made it possible to almost three million young Europeans to study in another country. The letter points out that if the budgets of the EU for 2012 and 2013 are not sufficient to maintain the commitments undertaken with students, thousands of them could lose is an experience that can change their life. Missive requests that investment in education and training constitute the core of Europe’s response to the crisis, and stresses the plans of the Commission increase opportunities for young people to improve their skills and their job opportunities with the new Erasmus programme for all, will begin in 2014. The letter concludes that Erasmus for all will cost less than 2% of the EU budget and in the coming weeks the heads of Government of the EU will have a unique opportunity in life give their approval to the new program and resources you need.