Game Fair

Empire games provides the game fair in Essen an extensive preview coverage completed approximately 40 coming board games, the online magazine has Empire games. In over 40 posts, the website presents upcoming games and interviews about games authors, board game editors and publishers. The game in Essen, which takes place from 21.10. 24.10.2010 at the Gruga-Halle, may be called worldwide justifiably the most important and biggest fair for Board Games. Around 150,000 visitors are expected to meet 700 new games. The games fans, orientation to facilitate something, Empire games offers a show preview of a special kind. Editor Michael Weber explains the approach: “we don’t print press information, but let those responsible come to Word. In other words: in interviews and development reports the games authors or editors and publishers present their approach to the respective new board games.

We query in our interviews not only the topic and special mechanisms, but can be also tips for the first Game type and an assessment of the target group. With this information, board games fans can sift the flood of news something and pick out interesting games for it. But also so-called casual gamers find here very interesting games news, which are available after mass in the trade.” The online magazine offers a special service for visitors of the game fair. Several publishers have granted readers of Empire of the games a special fair discount. Several “discount coupons”, which can be redeemed at the booth of the publishers and offer a price advantage by several euro can be found on the overview page specials/Spiel10 previews. “Right games fans buy several board games at the fair, some even several dozen. Since every euro helps the purse to relieve something. I believe that we can offer discounts to some very interesting games together with the publishers”, says Weber.

The show preview with the mass actions, the online magazine would like to on the game fair in Essen in the mood. But also, the website offers lots of information around on the Board games and the games scene. A visit is worthwhile because of the over 2,500 game tests in the form of reviews. Company Empire which description is one of the largest German online magazine about social games.