Prices Continue To Fall UMTS Flat Rate

How they can save the mobile Internet use also for UMTS of flatrates with discounters a rapid growth has taken place in the past few months and at the same time a variety reduction further discount. While it even continues to pay T-mobie and Vodafone network operators about 30 per month for a UMTS/HSPDA flat rate which can be used also with the laptop, the prices at discount stores have fallen significantly. So you can power both in the T-Mobile and Vodafone a UMTS flat below 20 a UMTS flat rate for. For example when BIG SIM for 19.95 a month for a period of 9 months, with the first three months also eliminates the monthly fee. In the Vodafone network to get currently for moobicent and surf.RED a 24 month flat for 19.95 a month. Is important in these offerings, but that it not the minimum contract term misses because the prices at an extension raised 29.95 or 34.95 a month. The UMTS flat rate offers are now as usual on the German market so-called fair flats, say from a data volume of more than 5 GB in a month the available speed is throttled. And I can confirm from my own experience that 5 GB during normal use is sufficient. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Mark Stevens.

In contrast to the D-network operators o2 as well as eplus are at their UMTS flatrates cheaper. So you pay at eplus only 17.50 a month for a UMTS flat rate. But the eplus network is built on HSDPA (up to 7.2 MB / s) also only selectively and maximum 384 kB / s are rather the rule. O2, however, seems currently continue to invest in network expansion and reduced the distance to Vodafone and T-Mobile. The UMTS/HSDPA Flatrate with 25 between ePlus and the two D-NET is priced operators. But here, too, a Discouter can be used with Klarmobil, a mobile Internet flat in the O2 network for 19.95 a month offers.

The prices at discount stores are typically action. Therefore it is worth to see which provider is just cheap. This is suitable for example the following UMTS flat rate comparison. Her Torsten Leidloff

Criteria For Good Smartphones

When buying smartphones, some criteria should be followed to make no false purchase in a variety of devices. Who wants to buy a good smartphones, no longer relies on Apple’s iPhone. HTC, Samsung, and Nokia blow to attack Apple and put on Android. However, there are many bad Smartphones that should be avoided. Some tips that will always help to make the right decision in 2011. Every fifth mobile user has a Smartphone.

Sales of smartphones will break this year the 10 million mark according to the Federal Association for information technology, telecommunications and new media. This high popularity of smartphones, the competition between the leading Smartphoneherstellern Apple is sharp, Samsung and HTC. For consumers, this means a confusing variety of devices. But despite a week new devices, there are some criteria that should always be considered when buying a Smartphone. A Smartphone is a cell phone with Internet function because alone the ability to be able to go, with the mobile phone to the Internet, does not meet the functionality of a Smartphone. Science speaks of multifunctional Mobilfunkendgeraten what that means: in addition to calling and Texting a Smartphone in addition this is marked, that it can be operated by a touch-sensitive screen, has Wi-Fi and mobile Internet in the form of UMTS or HSDPA, and above all: can be almost infinitely expanded by so-called small applications (apps) with software. Therefore, the first criterion would be met.

An integrated camera is now of course, but should be avoided on a more expensive model with LED flash otherwise photos at dusk are nearly impossible. In principle, currently only two operating systems for smartphones will play a role in Apple’s iOS on the iPhone and Google’s Android, which is used on many Smartphones from HTC, Samsung and new affordable competitors such as ZTE. The latter brand is for example Distributed by BASE and is less than 200 euros per Android Smartphone is attractive. Who opt for an iPhone, will be bound to the iOS and may refer its apps only via the Apple app store. However, the Android market is growing strongly, experts estimate that there are now more than 500,000 Android apps in the Android market, and thus more small applications as in the Apple app store. In this respect are both operating systems in terms of diversity in nothing. It is to note that currently Android at least to version 2.2, 2.3 better should be accessible. Yet no clear tip may be pronounced on the still very young operating system Windows phone from Microsoft. Many traders try to get rid of old equipment the technical level as a result of the already mentioned strong sales of smartphones. Obsolete hardware in smartphones is no fun and should be avoided, because the apps and videos are choppy and some new apps can not be performed. Therefore, it should be taken that the processor does at least 700 MHz. Standard is also a 3.5-inch display, where already in the coming year the 4 inch display state of affairs will be. This usually Apple with its iPhone the State of things pretending to as the iPhone 5 should have a 4-inch screen. Smaller displays should be avoided. Because even if the Smartphone is then itself compact, the operation non-executable is exhausting and often due to the low resolution many apps. Who is on bigger screens, about 4.3 inch or the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S as Hercules Edition with 4.5 inch, should note that larger screens accompanied by generally go with a lower battery life.

MTV Phone

Could this development cause economic adjustment processes? The average age of the cell phone owner falls due to that change constantly and this walks past certainly the prepaid industry not so easily. Many customers who are still minors and have not the chance to complete a mobile phone contract, increases the number of users of prepaid cards, which use services as additional options including different flat rate. TSI International Group shines more light on the discussion. The mobile phone, as well as prepaid market experienced a large boom and minors interested in early years in telecommunications have not exactly little involvement from. It is currently as good as Germany’s seemingly normal to perceive more and more young people with a mobile phone and clearly perceptible mobile music. The majority of this target group is flooded permanently virtually only offers with prepaid cards and you have not more fully as a layman in the current prepaid jungle real track.

Exploit this fact to providers of prepaid cards quite turned and change targeted their tariffs the younger target group such as e.g. MyMTVmobile prepaid, which has a strong sales and advertising partner at his side through MTV. They offer most favourable options in the form of flat rates, with which it is possible to make calls every month free of charge or to pay to “text” and only a certain fixed amount. This mix of full costs prepaid caused card and the additional flat rate, the monthly transparent and low-cost fixed cost, persuading young people to such a hybrid version to fall back. Experts recommend to compare the offers, for example through a prepaid comparison, to ultimately, decide which is suitable for individual needs. To note is the fact that for the rather young audience price as a deciding factor to watch is, which has the current price war in the prepaid provider in the telecommunications industry to the result. This development are the so-called prepaid discount store were founded, by their aggressive campaigns and low prices are too noticeable. What remains are the children and adolescents who should stand offers a spate of prepaid and then decide, for which variant of mobile communication to win they are. Daniel Muller

Deutsche Telekom

The finocom AG provides the Romtelecom (Romanian Telecom) an innovative, highly scalable Voice over IP telephony platform for the retail business. The finocom AG is an internationally active software and IT / telecommunications service providers. With their service sells them very successfully a virtual phone system based on VoIP technology. The expertise it developed the basis for the VoIP platform of Romtelecom. In addition to many years of experience of the company in the field of telecommunications, as well as a maximum of flexibility and implementation competence, the finocom business service forms the basis for this success Under the domain, the company successfully provides a virtual telephone system”for the SME segment. The used, already award-winning VoIP platform now also the basis for the VoIP project at the Romtelecom. About the Romtelecom and your service ClickNet, the Romtelecom has a comparable position as Deutsche Telekom in Germany in Romania.

At the beginning of of the year 2003 the Romtelecom monopoly was lifted, yet she still is the largest telecommunications company in Romania. 2005, she brought a broadband Internet access for residential customers on the market with the service ClickNet. ClickNet recorded more than half a million customers in June 2008 and has the highest rate of growth in the Romanian market for broadband access. Beginning of 2007 ClickNet United only a market share of around 6% up. End of 2007, however, there were already 20% and the number of customers at the same time rose by 300%.

ClickNet in Romania stands for innovation and progress in the field of telecommunications. finocom platform enables VoIP telephony for over 500,000 ClickNet customers after successful implementation of the more than 500,000 ClickNet customers beginning July 2008 finocom benefit finocom technology into the business processes of Romtelecom, could by the innovative VoIP telephony from the House. The customer receives a VoIP account through which he can make cost-effective calls over the Internet. About a mobile VoIP client can log the customer also via a Wi-Fi network or UMTS in his account and calls anywhere at landline rates. ClickNet promoted through cooperation with finocom AG to the VoIP provider and thus it can intelligently expand its product portfolio.

Spryng Dares The Jump Over The Border To Germany

The German platform Spryng is online as of today. Amsterdam – is the German platform Spryng now online. Spryng is known as a reliable supplier of mobile services that focus on the business market in the Netherlands. Various German customers make use of various services, which distributes Spryng through its international platform with satisfaction. To deepen the relationships with these customers and their claims to better meet Spryng dares the leap across the border and also offers its services in Germany. Via among other things a SMS gateway provides Spryng business customers sending bulk SMS and group SMS. The use of gateways and SMS sending can through an online user interface or Spryng’s API, which enables to integrate Spryng’s services, in its own systems are realized.

Spryng specializes in the area of SMS marketing and is also a premium SMS service, as well as custom-made according to customer requirements its German customers in addition to the SMS gateway offer. No contract term and hence no setup fee or monthly fee is coupled to the use of Spryngs SMS gateway. Customers pay only for de SMS itself. Spryng’s vision is based on the increasing importance that the mobile today takes in our society. Through mobile marketing, it is possible to reach audiences in real time and communicate messages in a very personal and direct manner. The Dutch health care company has its roots. Mobile services like Spryng she offers to reduce the significant problem of non-adherence and forgotten appointments that each year more than 175 million euro cost the Dutch health care sector according to calculations. Today, the company focuses mainly on the business market. Spryng’s customers include among others the Dutch Defense Ministry and universities, video stores, nightclubs, banks and brokerages. Katja Schmitt