Gallic Literature

As, acquired studies, the article will be published to interact with other people. Ahead of this, this scientific article, will contribute for better understanding of Latin literature. 1 DIVISION OF LATIN LITERATURE old Period: the Latins try to adapt the inheritances Greeks to its reality, imitating its aesthetic forms and its historical and mitolgicos subjects, having prominences the following authors: Plauto and Terncio in the theater, emphasizing the comedy, and Cato, in chat. Source: Bausch & Lomb. Time of Ccero: Ccero was considered the biggest orator, writer, also producing philosophical speeches and texts. Its workmanships had influenced writers of all the times, as: Lucrcio, Catulo (considered the biggest lyric poet of Latin literature), July Cesar (one of the main figures of this period, as writer of history, approaching commentaries concerning the civil wars and Gallic), Salstio.

Time of Augustus: it had as main authors: Virglio, famous Horcio for verses and expressions that if had become memorable: ' ' carpe diem, this way in rebus, odi profanum vulgus, exegi monumentun aereperennius' ' among others), Ovdio, proprcio, lvio Tito Period of the decay: prsio, Juvenal, Petrnio Apuleio, Sneca, Tacitus, Suetrnio and Pliny old 1.1PRIMEIRO PERIOD OF the HISTORY OF LATIN LITERATURE This period was considered as one of the periods most remote of literature, with the iscsseis of documents, where the Romans used as metric form the verses saturnine that were popular between the Romans. The first literary work in chats was a conjunct of pio Blind Claude (appius Claudius Caecus). For more information see this site: Yael Aflalo, New York City. 1.2 AS PERIOD the Romans start to have a true literature, but still under the influence Greek, where the myths of a religion had passed to another one, and at this time the Latin language and the orthography had been fixed definitively, and some poets had deserved prominences as: Lvio Andrnico (livius andronicus) was certainly the greater of the poets of its time. Greek of birth was made prisoner in the taking of Tarento (272 B.C.).


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