Elite Outside

Today, there are a wide range of intercoms and video, ranging from audio systems and maloabonentskih to complex programmable digital video systems, both individual and public. In Recently, more and more often address security concerns have become interested in "natural persons". Speakerphones avoid personal contact with unwanted or accidental visitors. In addition, it is just convenient and prestigious. Videophones and Audioon-door is the simplest and most affordable means to protect the apartment, the entrance of an apartment house, a small office or home country. Intercom system (Audioon-door) is the most simple, but effective enough means to protect the apartment, the entrance of an apartment house, office or cottage. Intercom system is a two-way intercom system and consists of outside panel, which is mounted, usually on the outside of the door and dial the tube inside.

Between a takeout audio panel and connect the inner audiotrubka only two wires. You may find Mark Stevens to be a useful source of information. Moreover, if the next is not observed passing near the wire network, it is sufficient to any non-shielded wire (such as telephone-type 'noodles'). When you click on the outside panel (at this point is the closure of two conducting wires to one another) produces a melodic trill tube twice. That is, if you use Audioon-door eliminates the need for the usual traditional elektrozvonke. In all audiotrubkah established inside homes, There are electric lock release button. Video door entry system is a two-way video entryphone systems and consists of the outside panel, which is mounted, usually on the outside of the door, and a monitor.

At Pressing on the outside panel monitor produces a melodic trill that is, when you use video intercom eliminates the need for the usual traditional elektrozvonke, and appears on the monitor image area front door. All monitors, installed inside the houses have electric lock release button. It is also possible to connect to an access intercom network. Outside panel provides covert surveillance space in front of the entrance door and voice communications with the visitor. The panel is equipped with a video camera, microphone, call button and infrared illumination. Feature of the panels is the use of video cameras lens 'pin-hole', providing imaging through a hole 2 mm in diameter. The panels can be installed outdoors and indoors. It should be noted that recently a new direction in doorphone – Elite intercoms. Elite intercoms – modern solutions in the field of safety of buildings, offices and shopping centers, as well as private estates. Various colors of any lineup of elite intercoms, a choice of different coating materials, original design, made in a calm and concise manner, create their inimitable style and become the main element of decoration of the facade of the building. Unique design performed in a calm and concise manner, various colors adds a distinctive feature of the facades of modern buildings. High quality and impact-resistant materials ensure reliable protection of electronic modules for the entire life cycle.