Gartner has Priori in the current list of ‘ cool vendor’ Munich, Germany recorded in the category of product design and life cycle management 23 May 2013 the market research company Gartner Priori, a provider of software solutions for the product cost management of enterprises, has his current included in list (2013) the cool vendors in the categories of product design and life cycle management. Reason is this recognition of Priori with the capability of its software platform, used to predict the effects of design as well as manufacturing and procurement sources on the product cost than was previously possible. Frequently Drew Houston has said that publicly. Finally, this better knowledge is reflected in higher profits, enhanced innovation and faster time to market. In its “cool vendors” list takes Gartner company, whose products or services as an interesting, innovative and trend-setting are classified. Priori is one of the five companies this year in the category of product design and life cycle management of Gartner were recognized.

The audit report from Gartner highlights the automated approach by Priori in analyzing production costs when compared to traditional manual approaches used today by most manufacturing companies. According to the report by Gartner, such manufacturing companies that missed chances for recovery because they usually only make their manual analyses, if the largest part of production costs is already irreversible. The Priori product cost management software platform supports companies to tackle costs already at the root, by making the necessary knowledge as well as the technological infrastructure available employees from the areas of design, production and planning, in order to determine the cost of a part or of a complete product, quickly and precisely. The software platform linked information from CAD models, as well as intelligent cost models, to a detailed analysis of the production and the corresponding cost estimates to to be able to generate, and finally determine the impact of changes in product design, the selection of material, manufacturing processes, the quantities and the manufacturing site on the piece or product costs.

Grenke Bit

Hunenberg, December 2012 – the Swiss IT distributor little bit technology AG cooperates with the IT GRENKE leasing specialist. From the little bits are developed finance services. Difficult economic times convince small and medium-sized companies to postpone investments. However, a modern IT infrastructure improves the entrepreneurial prowess. Sensible investment without equity capital burden best-case scenario: an SME operating invested in an optimal infrastructure, without touching the cash reserves. Increases the productivity and hence the competitiveness.

He uses the cash to secure its core business. Quickly and easily to the target SMEs benefit in the IT leasing the unbureaucratic and quick handling, as well as the special conditions of the little bit technology. Offers issued from a purchase value of 1000 CHF fixed leasing costs. Small, low rates are possible kundenoptimiert. Grenke complements the individual contract design through a personal and trusting advice. Short-term implementation Also, the credit check done Grenke. A commitment is carried out within a maximum of three days.

The signed contract raises the purchase order as the payment to the dealer. You are here in vain looking for lengthy approval processes. Assets received in the long term the constant lease directly from the secure, ongoing income to pay off. Monthly leasing rates are on the income statement in full. There is not an interest rate risk. The high cost transparency as well as optimized taxation affect positively in accounting. Always close to your account, use the little bit finance services.


VMware-based management solution enables secure and centralized access and control on the environment food, December 03, 2010 to the remote diagnosis and to promptly resolve problems within the infrastructure of data centers, Raritan (www.raritan.de) has developed the CommandCenter Secure Gateway (CC-SG). To reduce hardware costs, the management solution now available as virtual VMware version is available in the same range of functions compared to the appliance. A free trial version is available at download/cc-sg for downloading. The frequent transfer of applications between virtual servers has greatly increased the administrative burden in data centers. For example, administrators must check more how they can access and worrying at the same time to access security and authentication on your server. Often, managing a virtual server requires different management tools. CommandCenter Secure Gateway’s new virtual management solution simplifies these Process and allows precise real time insight into the IT infrastructure by logs data migration across virtual and physical devices. Data center infrastructure at a glance using CC-SG IT administrators can monitor the entire data center infrastructure.

On the basis of a standard Web browser can be promptly diagnose and quickly resolve problems. CC-SG in managed virtual and physical server as a centralized gateway. A single, fully secured IP-access point can be control to BIOS environments IT resources of all kinds of applications and operating systems. The user can choose between the type of remote access, for example, between in-band and out-of-band KVM or serial, embedded and in-band software applications. Server operating costs reduce the usage of virtual CC-SG solution allows companies a simple cost control, because there is no need for additional hardware. In addition, administrators benefit from other features as Flexibility, physical installation and configuration options that are optionally available. Through the integrated virtual failover, the user saves additional costs because it must buy no dedicated hardware devices including the user license.

Marketing Director Mario Donnebrink Line

With a future program of ECM manufacturer on more strategic market developments before focused approach with new structured leadership team prepares Gescher, 07.02.2012 – the ECM specialist d.velop AG early 2012 through a restructuring of the management team the organizational groundwork for further continuous growth made. Since the beginning of the year, the d.velop AG has two new Board members. Mario Donnebrink is responsible for sales and marketing, Burghardt g leads the area development & professional services. Chairman of the enlarged Board is the current CEO Christoph Pliete. Martin Hulscher, responsible for the product line ecspand, and Gabriele Heidemann, responsible for personnel and finance, complete the senior management team. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Drew Houston.

The personnel changes are an expression of a long-term program of the future. Including comprehensive include in addition to a sales-oriented realignment of the Organization and effective impetus to the further strengthening of the partner network product-strategic measures for a sustainable market-differentiated positioning. We want to steadily continue our dynamic growth above the industry average increase our sales continue to continue to gain market share “, outlines the objective of Christoph Pliete. With the new structure of the management team we have designed the organizational requirements. This leads us to the idea that the success of our customers at the Center to make. “, outlines the common vision of CEO of d.velop. We set ourselves ambitious, but not unrealistic targets. As the only European manufacturer of ECM with a consistent two-brand strategy, we are excellently positioned.

The classical ECM product line d. 3 deep integrations in E-Mail, ERP, and Office systems, as well as in a wide range of technical applications, and smart client applications offers companies of any size and from all sectors of enormous productivity increases and more substantial added value. Companies with their IT a SharePoint strategy pursue, not pass the ECM topic on our product line for various reasons ecspand even”, sales and Marketing Director Mario Donnebrink is convinced by the direction of the Software House.

Quality Management

It is systematically and consistently to implement both of these factors in the company! Successful management means setting the right goals and to inspire all employees for that. It is important to break the goals down to the employee level down, as well as to create a broad understanding of all employees for same. Credit: David Green-2011. On the basis of the established understanding staff to align their daily operational work on their goals and in turn act in accordance with the strategy of the company as a whole and work. One of the few management teachings, which are completely without controversy, it is management by objectives to the method\”, which was invented in 1955 by Peter F. Drucker. \”The core of this management theory is that demand to make in determining or objectives that, same SMART\” to make: S (to the respective Department) specifically M measurable (clear guidelines) A active influenceable (reachable) R realistic (feasible) T terminated (clear \”Time limit) to the creation of transparency with regard to the current Status Quo on the way to achieving the goals, it is recommended that the goals through a detailed list of measures into a kind of milestones\” to be broken down. Thus is the responsible employee on the basis of the action plan at any time about the current state of achievement of objectives within the image. Despite the relevance of the objectives set for the increase of the company’s success, the individual performance of employees should not be neglected.

It is however often the case that external factors or the performance by third parties can be decisive for the result in the achievement of the target. As a result, not only the goals of individual employees if assessment significantly, as rather a regular evaluation of the individual services are made by the superiors. In the course of striving for total quality management TQM, various measures and approaches will be in companies of any size to ensure a defined Quality requirements applied. .

Mobile Network Monitoring

Android app for smartphones and tablets, 06 April 2011 offers the Paessler AG (www.de.paessler.com) starting immediately an Android application for mobile network monitoring with PRTG network monitor. The app allows users of smartphones or tablets with Android operating system, to monitor their network anytime and anywhere. The usage requires PRTG network monitor V8. 3 or higher. The app is now as a free download in the Android market available. The new PRTGdroid app acts as a mobile network monitoring Wizard.

With this solution IT administrators able to keep the trouble-free operation of your network from any location in the eye and to problems also on the way to respond. The administrator receives alerts directly in the display and can see the live data at a glance. It is also possible to configure the monitoring status of individual sensors. The application connects to the mobile network, WLAN or VPN via HTTPS or HTTP the corresponding PRTG servers, to provide detailed information about the network status. PRTGdroid supports the query of more than one account in the background and alerts the installer through tone or vibration if failures or errors occur.

The user can easily switch back – and -forth without again login between individual accounts. Since the release of our iPhone app we have received consistently positive feedback from our customers and numerous requests from Android users. We have accordingly reacted and developed a mobile network monitoring with PRTGdroid for this user”, explains Dirk Paessler, CEO of Paessler AG. The app provides users with a status overview as well as detailed lists and graphics. PRTGdroid user on each sensor in the configuration can access and check the current state for a quick review. The monitoring data, as well as details about individual alerts are “show interface on your Android phone or tablet with the help of the mini HTML built into PRTG This was specially made for the Use on devices with small displays and for lower bandwidth designed. PRTGdroid is capable of multiple installations of PRTG to monitor at the same time. This makes the solution even for ISPs, MSPs, and use in larger PRTG environments and enterprise systems. The app is compatible with all Android-based smartphones and tablets from OS 2.1. The connection to the PRTG Web interface via UMTS, EDGE, GPRS, WLAN or VPN. More information is available at androidapp available. About Paessler AG: Founded in 1997, Paessler AG with headquarters in Nuremberg has on the development of more powerful and user-friendly software for the areas of network monitoring, load testing and analysis. PRTG Network Monitor monitors the availability of systems, services and applications, as well as the bandwidth usage in networks. PRTG is Cisco compatible and can be used for the analysis of NetFlow data. Webserver stress tool is an application for load testing of Web servers and Web infrastructures. The Companies of all industries and all sizes, from SOHO through SMEs to global corporations are global customers of Paessler AG. Day, there are over 150,000 installations of the solution provider in all over the world in the use. Free trial downloads and more information are available on the homepage available.