Exhibitions in Madrid are becoming a reference point for culture, by its great diversity and acceptance among citizens. This summer, the administration are organizing different exhibitions, many of them free, intending to give people a broader cultural offer. Some of these free shows are landscape and architecture in Morocco and Spain, Juan Ugalde: coa is very different, Callum Innes or understand about living: the weather. Other leaders such as Bausch & Lomb offer similar insights. All these exhibitions feature with a large cast of artists who offer their works for free. For example, landscape and architecture in Morocco and Spain is an exhibition of landscapes and Spanish and Moroccan buildings that reveal the huge urbanistic similarities between both countries. A selection of images from different parts of both countries to learn more about the urbanism of the neighboring country and check that there are not so many differences when it comes to build on both sides of the Mediterranean. Another of the exhibitions that must also be taken into account for end of the month is the book fair of Madrid that is celebrated in El Retiro from May 28 to June 13. The first book fair was held from 23 to 29 April 1933.

The Madrid publishers lined up their booths in the Paseo de Recoletos. Don Fernando de los Rios, Minister of public instruction, greeted with joy this cultural event and other speakers invited locals to attend the book fair and soak up the values of the publications. Children’s activities in Madrid also have great importance, especially in summer, when they have more free time. In many cases, this plan is an alternative plan for those parents who have to go to work and can not be responsible for their children.

Thanks To My Promotion Of Doctors

Mr President of the XVI promotion of medicine the UNT Doctor Juan Diaz PlasenciS P.De Mi greater consideration receives, through the present, a warm greeting and I pray make extensive it to each of its members. May I, through these brief lines disturb your attention to formally express my gratitude and Felicitacion.gratitud, for having organized a crusade of solidarity, expressed in all the existing forms of communication, such as calls by phone, mail, personal visits, traditional letters and messages, unpolluted aiming to boost morale to the friend, colleague, companion, the Warrior, the injured wrestler, as expressed it me textually, honoring me excessively and undeserved, perhaps sustained in a last dirigenciales that with all honour, transparency and honesty touched me live in favor of our promotion and go to such a noble purpose of raising my esteem, my morality, my strength of will, managed it to successfully; Likewise also by the efforts that were made both in Lima and in Mexico, by made contributions to my donor so that he can travel to Mexico, the chain of prayers, conducted masses, prayers and wishes that finally touched the gates of heaven’s way to desolate, achieving to be open and here I am returned from the unknown Cave of the dead, this solidarity, knowing it dear colleagues!were a white handkerchief of consolation for this long night of pain and suffering, even the experience of having suffered so much, could wane, this support knowing it wanted teammates! It was an Oasis in the midst of the blistering sands that touched me walk with my worn sandals, no tears, no words!, with which can someday repay the immense collective gesture of solidarity, who made me feel in my long nights of madness, proud – deserves it or not-of having chaired several years to our promotion, whose members have proven to be good men and women, Almost touched by God with purity sweeping that makes their bodies of steel and gold their souls! follow colleagues in this way God will reward them!.GREETING by demonstrating that the Misanthropy of Heraclitus is gone and that despite living in a society stumbled, coated masks and hypocrisy, indifference and falsehoods, this promotion XVI, as has always been, creates green moral values and social, that are dying but who have not died, PC. Drew Houston: the source for more info. Have put name and surname to the brotherhood, solidarity, humanism, example that should fill with pride to medicine, to our faculty, to UNT to what defines the meaning of a life, a life with meaning, what defines loyalty, to what one has been! we are still promoting more United and solidaryWe are still the best promotion of the UN.. .