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Strongly asked with a candidates record the new vintage of the MBA sustainability management at the Leuphana launched MBA sustainability management last weekend University of Luneburg. The international character of the four-day inaugural event made it clear that the MBA sustainability management has earned a reputation as a renowned home study course not only in Germany, but increasingly around the world. Companies like PUMA promote continuing studying of their employees at the Leuphana. Visit David Karp for more clarity on the issue. The MBA sustainability management encounters with great interest for German-speaking specialists and executives around the globe for years. This year, we had again a huge popularity. The number of applicants has grown from the first round today steadily. “The training to the change agent for sustainability’ is increasingly promoting career regarded as and fit for the future”, says Charlotte Hesselbarth, programme coordinator of the MBA sustainability management.

The MBA sustainability management has approximately 350 students since its inception in the year 2003 recorded and produced more than 100 graduates. The participant profiles are as diverse as their countries of origin. Example, the 8th and therefore recent vintage of the future sustainability experts at the Leuphana form women and men of different disciplines such as engineering, social economics or architecture from all over Europe, Asia and Canada. Their motivations, to begin a study next to the profession are varied, but increasingly influenced by corporate interests. PUMA wants to be companies on the international market not only the most desirable, but also the most sustainable sports lifestyle in the long run”, says Dr.

Oliver Wirth, Managing Director at PUMA in Dubai, which is specially arrived for the launch event from the United Arab Emirates. The degree of MBA sustainability management is the world’s first University MBA sustainability management and corporate social responsibility. The program is the professional as a distance learning program of the Centre for sustainability management (CSM) in the framework School offered in-service training at the Leuphana University of Luneburg is set up. The internationally recognized and accredited home study course can be completed part-time in part time or full time. The study specifically aimed at personalities with a first degree, which would promote sustainable development in companies and society and pursue a career. Grows Further

Reinforcement for the test center in the Central Dormagen Dormagen, 9 June 2010 since June 1 the in-house test center of is under new management. With Tina Heinrich, an experienced sport scientist joins the team in the Dormagener headquarters. The 29-year old Kolnerin prevailed so compared to more than 60 competitors and competitors, which had applied for this position. Already after the first interviews revealed that Tina Heinrich would perfectly fit into the team. Managing in addition to their excellent technical qualifications in particular the chemistry is right”, Director Martin delighted Kusch. We are still a small, but a more ambitious team that must work in fact a bit like a team. As a handball player, I know how important it is that everyone on the other can rely. If you like, Tina is just now that we are steadily expanding the perfect left winger for us”, adds Cush with a mischievous smile added.

The graduated sports scientist graduated at the German sport University Cologne with a focus on prevention and rehabilitation”. After 2007, Tina Heinrich worked as a lecturer at the Cologne sports College and pursued by the way her career as handball player. As an employee of the sports and nutrition program moveguard, she gained experience with a flexible and customized training approach to healthy weight loss. She will be dedicated to this task pane in addition to the care of ambitious endurance athletes in future also at Of course now, their knowledge in the areas of training management and training planning benefit Tina Heinrich in the test center by She has mastered the treatment of the aeroman professional now already perfectly. What with the small human bottleneck in the past few months only, customers benefit from the renewal of the body by the fact, that now again flexible test dates during normal business hours may be awarded, was limited. In addition, the Tina Heinrich as a speaker at various seminars and in the franchise employee training of will be active. On-site in the gyms and partners, she will pass on their knowledge within the framework of the proven impulse lectures. You can learn more about the range of,. Andreas Heinen head of corporate communications