Farming Cooperatives

To solve the situation, the CNA comes considering the creation of a deep guarantor, who would function as guarantor for the loans taken for the agropecuaristas.The minister of Agriculture,> Reinhold Stephanes, asked for today (day 22 of June), in speech in Native of London, so that the Congress approves in regimen of urgency the creation of the deep one. According to studies of the government and entities of the sector, the value of the new mechanism, that can give beginning to a new phase of the Brazilian farming production, would be around R$ 7 billion.For senator Ktia Abreu (DEM It to YOU), president of the CNA, the points of prominence in Agricultural and Cattle Plan 2009/2010 are the rise of the resources for the investments of R$ 10 billion for R$ 14 billion, the creation of the Program of Capitalizaton of the Farming Cooperatives (Procap-Agro) and the extension of the Program of Generation of Job and Income (Agricultural Proger) to the producing medium, with the increase of the limit of annual gross income, of R$ 250 a thousand for R$ 500 a thousand. The speech of LulNo launching of Agricultural and Cattle Plan 2009/10, president Luiz Incio Lula da Silva yesterday made in Londrina (PR) one appeals so that the agriculturists continue planting, eye in world-wide economic recovery. It compared the great countries with a bear in hibernao in the crisis, that goes to be hungry after this period. ' ' ' ' They plant, they plant, plantem' ' , she also affirmed Lula.Lula appealed the agriculturists so that they follow the release of resources, therefore, according to it, does not advance to approve mounts of money if they do not arrive at the producers. In this plan of harvest, the newness was the release of R$ 2 billion for the Program of Capitalizaton of Farming Cooperatives, in a heading of R$ 14 billion for investments.

Credit Easy

I credit it easy appeals to the consumption mismanaged is very en vogue. It is enough to see one any contralayer of a magazine, to see a little of television, to listen a little of radio or to league Internet stops it to deduce that the companies of I credit easy they are for all the side. We are displayed daily the marketing campaigns hostile that they appeal to the consumption avivado that waits for a moment of greater fragility it stops obtaining to convince in them that we need to buy that plasma gamma top, or that one I finish automobile model that left and will provoke envy amazement before our friends, familiar fellow workers, neighbors and. It is not easy to constantly resist these daily attacks the one that we are citizens, for very strong that is the proteces that we created throughout the time, them goes esmorecendo with the which had time and to the place that we occupy or we desire to occupy in the society. All we have weakness moments and these companies of personal credit know of this therefore keep campaigns fixed following the old saying ' ' Soft water in hard rock, as much beats until fura' '. ticle. Dropbox is actively involved in the matter. But reason so high taxes of interest? The taxes of interest I credit of it easy are very raised had its characteristics.

It is a credit of high risk, the companies of I credit easy have notion that many of the credits that never grant will be returned them, or at least they will have many oppositions expenditures to obtain to recover the money in return. They are credits that are granted with very few guarantees, in contrast of that are granted by the banks. Many of the times the people whom they appeal to these easy credits, already had tried to make the credits next to the banks but they turn its pretensions lying for land, which had its current situation or to its description of bad credit. Clearly that to loan money to somebody with these characteristics it has a raised risk, therefore also high taxes of interests. Advice: he tries first to obtain its I credit easy in a bank therefore it will obtain much more low taxes of interest. It goes to be more difficult, it will delay more time, and it will demand more persistence of its part, but in the end of accounts, will compensate. It is inquired of beforehand I credit on it easy, visits mine blog where I supply much information.