Gifts From Indonesia

Can argue that any of you would like to find yourself in a beautiful corner of the world, where dreams come innermost dreams. Such a place exists! Indonesia – a country where two oceans merge, the two civilizations and two terrestrial Hemisphere – a real paradise! Gorgeous landscapes, coconut trees, singing birds, exotic fruit, unusual animals and the island on which there is absolutely no civilization what else is needed for peace of mind and satisfaction? Current offers tour operators offer a fantastic opportunity for all of us. Adventures and an endless drive: hot summers can be in the snowy mountains, lunch at the crater and admire colored lakes, swim in hot springs or stroll along the bottom of the ocean in a special helmet, and maybe ride on the elephant in the wild jungle you do not want to leave here, and on his return to his native hearth and home ideas on how to hurry back, will not give peace. In a few lines tell you about the most popular and picturesque island of the Indonesian archipelago – Bali. Beautiful beaches, blue lagoons and tropical undergrowth – all Balinese jewel in the crown under the name of Indonesia. Here you can spend an unforgettable vacation: open up the world of Eastern philosophy, scuba dive, see the fish, the sun, taste the breakfast vulkaniyskoy top, cooked in ashes of the same volcano, walk through the jungle, rafting on mountain rivers, surf, ride on elephants, hang glide and helicopters as well as take part in ancient ceremonies midnight.