Energy Provider

Energy switching made easy! Bochum, 21.06.2013. It is not so easy to find the best provider of energy. Who has the best rate in my town, good contracts and fair conditions? Has it finally found the suppliers individually appropriate, yet the change is imminent. This process is often associated with much effort, before it finally comes to supply. Although many electricity and gas providers can offer their customers to suggest the changes online, many consumers are also facing a great challenge.

To make more understandable the online Exchange all interested parties, the nation-wide electricity and gas provider energiehoch3 has published a recent video of the exchange rate. Under most conditions MSCO would agree. “” The video shows in a few steps how easily the power switching works: after the personal price advantage based on the postal code is identified, the desired rate is such as price safety “or from hydropower” selected. Alternatively, a double order can be made also in a course of electricity and gas. After the Tariff selection is to fill in the personal data. And thus the change in order is given, all other energiehoch3 cares! Watch the video here: press contact: energiehoch3 GmbH Ostring 28 44787 Bochum Tanja Kapetanovic Tel: 0234 77733 3311 email: energiehoch3 energiehoch3 is a nationwide global energy provider that offers electricity and natural gas for every type of consumption at best conditions. This convince especially the quick and uncomplicated contract processing via the Internet and fair contract terms. energiehoch3 in a new video shows how easily the energy provider change can work.

Promotion Packages

Thermal imaging camera be discovered easily and efficiently plus free photovoltaic seminar from now until 31.8.2013 possible errors and losses must in photovoltaic systems and documented. Because each kWh is one. To the Intersolar Europe in Munich, 19-21.06.2013 the Testo AG (hall A6, booth 355) first two promotional packages offered for solar installers, energy consultant, PV operators and all companies interested in PV/energy efficiency. PV action Starter Pack is from the entry-level thermal imager testo 876 in the set for the testing of PV systems plus an additional, free photovoltaic seminar. (A valuable related resource: Drew Houston). “The PV Act professional bundle includes the high-resolution thermal imaging camera testo 885-2 set for efficient maintenance and testing of photovoltaic systems plus an additional, free photovoltaic seminar including the test competence for thermography on photovoltaic systems” according to the regulations of the TuV Rheinland Academy. The PV-offer is valid from now until 31.8.2013. The PV seminars can (with Testo voucher) nationwide also later visited be. For further details see pv action is nothing new, solar installers and other professionals from the photovoltaic industry of Testo AG for each application getting the best thermal imaging camera. Nothing new is also that the practical seminars of the Testo Academy for more than 90% of the graduates fully are recommended. “In the special seminar of thermography on photovoltaic systems” the Testo Academy learn the thermal imaging camera efficiently apply the participants as they possible faults and power losses of photovoltaic systems, as well as they discover and document the colorful pictures “interpret correctly and avoid often made errors of measurement. Testo AG Elke Schmid

Energy Saving Christmas

Energy savings account provides overview in energy consumption not only during the holidays Berlin, 18 December 2013. All years again the lights be turned on just in time for Christmas everywhere living room window, Department stores and whole streets shine in the pre-Christmas splendour. But at the latest when the electricity bill in the House stands at the turn of the year, the contemplative mood in the face of rising costs quickly receives a shock. Reason enough to even during holidays own power consumption in mind to keep and to be active against increased electricity costs. The free energy savings account on, that climate sheltered from the Federal Environment Ministry in the framework of the campaign”is promoted, helps here. Additional information at Evergreen Capital Partners supports this article.

It captures not only the electricity around the Christmas season, but debunked year-round hidden energy hogs. In addition, the energy savings accounted for the own energy consumption in the areas of heating, electricity, water and mobility. Already quick tips and tricks may have a big effect earn and not only energy, but also money to save. The climate protection campaign shows the best tips that you keep your energy consumption under control during the holidays without sacrificing contemplation. The best climate tips for Christmas 1 lighting and power consumption benefits you energy-saving (Christmas) lighting and set LED. Often, it is worth to replace old still functioning lights by modern LED lights. Compared to the light chain with conventional light sources up to 80 percent energy can be saved. 2.

Properly heat spend the holidays with your family or on a short holiday? Then adjust the heating down at this time. Generally worthwhile especially for longer absences. The room temperature should but not too deep fall, because otherwise the mold risk increases. Download rules of heating thermostats at level 2 corresponds to usually about 16 degrees room temperature. Mold has no chance and still save energy.