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Fresh meat is a popular and conducive to good health food informed the butcher bricklayer from Nuremberg. However, due to its perishable, it must ensure a permanent cooling system. Butcher bricklayer from Nuremberg reported about the basics of the uninterrupted cold chain of meat products. Naturally, meat is never entirely free from germs and prone to corruption processes. For a harmless enjoyment of meat it is therefore necessary to ensure a continuous production process of transporting meat cooling up to sale and consumption. The German legislature has adopted a series of strict rules, to meet the need for cooling. Between animal slaughter and sale never above 4 degrees, the temperature of fresh meats may increase.

This is not the case, albeit for a short time can get meat not in trade, and must be disposed of. Butcher’s Mason hired as approved EU operation for many years for the highest possible Quality of meat and sausage products. This refers not only to the product manufacturing and ingredient selection, but of course also on the permanent respect of the cold chain. Meat corruption and corresponding health problems are usually due to the fact that the cold chain between production and sales, but the consumer has been interrupted. Once the meat leaves the scope of statutory provisions, the consumer is responsible for its edibility.

She can be ensured by a thoughtful behavior in dealing with the sensitive food products. Basically, the time between the purchase of meat products and their storage in refrigerator or freezer should be kept as short as possible. For this reason, consumers should do their meat purchasing only if no other transactions are. To prevent an interruption of the cooling, the use of insulating or bags is indicated. This guarantee but no permanent cooling especially not at high ambient temperatures. Accordingly, no more than an hour should pass between purchase and recovery of cooling in the refrigerator. The standard packaging meat storage is not recommended for fresh meat. To ensure its edibility, it should be covered, in the refrigerator on a plate with Clingfilm. The use of resealable plastic boxes is also suitable for the storage of meat. For long-lasting durability, meat should be frozen as quickly as possible. The Nuremberg butcher Maurer is for the quality of their award-winning meat and sausage specialties and the well-being of its customers. She answered questions about the cooling of meat products therefore always happy.

Managing Director Dieter Ortmann

Maxx-solar & energy offers special solutions for pseudoreference solar power systems to waltershausen, may 29, 2013. The Photovoltaikspezialist maxx-solar & energy supplies plumbing in whole Germany with selected components, also on shaded roofs bring high returns. Because of the innovative cell design, optimized weak light behavior and performance at module level very high yields can be with our products even in unfavourable installation conditions achieved”, explains the Managing Director Dieter Ortmann. Maxx-solar & energy from Thuringia, Germany’s trading partners of increasingly in demand the Israeli manufacturer SolarEdge inverter system. It all started with the exclusive representative for South Africa, where maxx-solar & energy successfully tested the market by SolarEdge. Only a short time later, it was clear that this system just for special solutions in Germany is perfectly suitable.

Now the company installed for example weekly solar panels on roofs in Thuringia, through Advice and planning to the technical implementation as well as the increasingly important and maintenance of photovoltaic systems in. Another focus of the company is the wholesaler of high quality photovoltaic components including marketing support for installers. Maxx-solar & energy is first PV cycle base in Thuringia and Saxony and advocating for the sustainable promotion of renewable energy and the will of Thuringia. The company is main sponsor of the Thuringian women cycling team cycling maxx-solar woman”and the Thuringian children’s Solar Center, has since established numerous 2010 PV installations in the town ships of Cape Town and operates the maxx academy, where interested are introduced in the photovoltaics and trained in South Africa.

GmbH Public Relations Manager Isabel

In addition to a new function for CEP service providers, the company presents an online sweepstakes for all TimoCom users in Germany. Dusseldorf, 2009-04-15 what’s new at transport logistic 2009? Are TimoCom soft- und hardware GmbH now equal to two answers to this question: in addition to a free plugin for courier, express and parcel services provider the new competition of TimoCom CashDays premieres for all TimoCom users in Germany. Customer-oriented innovations for the transport sector are the reliable engine of success for the Dusseldorf TimoCom now 12 years. Thanks to its Europe-wide leading freight and freight exchange TimoCom TRUCK & CARGOo now 75,000 users benefit from 44 European countries up to 230,000 daily freight and cargo services. A practical range for CEP professionals now added this as efficient and user-friendly program.

With a function, thanks to the work for all additional input fields Makes express freight companies not only much easier, but also more comfortable and efficient. So can be determined when entering cargo now accurate loading – and unloading loading periods or more detailed information given at the time. In addition to the ability to indicate preferred dates orders both specials can be declared. On the other hand, the freight overview, the user can now select an extra field for specials and offers according to filter. “Real advantages for the user with which the TimoCom further as a qualified partner for the rapid industry” profiled. The current contest TimoCom CashDays is as new and no less attractive for TimoCom users”, which already caused enthusiasm in Poland and currently France TimoCom users accounts to winners. In the period from 2009-05-15 to 2009-07-01, the free promotion for all TimoCom users in Germany, where daily to win 100 euro are running. On the extra-based website you can Every day at 12:00 with live users draw a winner via random number generator.

Under this link you can find all information about the terms and conditions, or how to play exactly as TimoCom users and with win. Business Unit Director Andreas Mollenbeck is pleased about the changes and emphasizes the internal idea management as a special trump card of TimoCom: in addition to consistent customer orientation and internationality, a decisive competitive advantage lies particularly in the innovation ability of our company. The new feature and the raffle of TimoCom CashDays”are two good examples.” “In the future, Mollenbeck promises more novelties: our customers can rest assured: the TimoCom will have in store in the future many new useful offers.” News are anything but scarce when the TimoCom. A fact of visitors should get yourself a picture on the TimoCom trade fair stand in Hall A5, stand 325 at the transport logistic. The international trade fair for logistics, Telematics and traffic will take place from 12 to 15 May 2009 at the new Munich trade fair. You can find more information to TimoCom and the TimoCom CashDays under and… / hmenuaction… . Press contact: TimoCom soft- und hardware GmbH Public Relations Manager Isabel winking Lahari, M.A..

Hong Kong Trading

In January 2013, Forbes named magazine Hong Kong one of the international top locations for technology, whose Talente of the metropolis can pave the way to a ‘Techonomy’. “In January 2013, which named Forbes magazine Hong Kong one of the international top locations for technology whose talents of the metropolis, the way to a Techonomy” can pave. Also placed Hong Kong in the global innovation index (GII), which will be published the INSEAD business school, University and the World Intellectual Property Organization annually by Cornell, ranked 7th in the world and 1st in the Asian rankings and thus overtook Singapore. Nicholas Brooke, Chairman which Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP), is also convinced that the city can become a strong player in the innovation and technology sectors. Founded in 2001, Hong Kong Science Park offers young entrepreneurs and enterprises (R & D) facilities, services and sponsored programs in five technology clusters. In the Science Park we have demonstrated that we can create an environment with adequate financial support, successfully conducting research for innovative solutions and products in the companies, they implement commercially and distribute;”Brooke explains the concept and added that Hong Kong will benefit also from the know-how and the research expertise of the universities.

The strength of the metropolis was previously the implementation and commercialization of new ideas and not research. In the future, innovation and technology will be important. Since beginning of the HKSTP’s incubation programs provided funding graduates of more than 99 million USD have been. This led to the registration of 543 patents and awarded 250 of technology and design awards. Participants in a programme’s Chuck Cheng, founder and CEO of AppoTech, a developer of circuit structures. Founded in 2003, the company employs today 250 employees and recorded an annual operating income $ 64 million with an annual growth of 30 percent.


The search for a suitable business partner for international activities can be very time consuming. The search for a suitable business partner for international activities can be very time consuming. The business matching services of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) support companies in the development of business in China/Asia Pacific region. Now the business matching added offer of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council to a new, free service: the request for quotation (RFQ) “.” To streamline their purchasing processes, interested parties can send their product requirements the HKTDC. Within four weeks, then up to 10 specific offers of suitable manufacturers and suppliers from Hong Kong are forwarded to them. In addition, the business matching team on request provides free manufacturer lists available. In addition to the new RFQ service companies can take advantage of following offers: the online platform, allowing interested suppliers from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and other countries can be obtained. The versatile multimedia portal also contains a wealth of current information about contacts, measurement, economic development, and much more.

The page includes more than 120,000 business contacts. freelisting offers companies the possibility to find suitable business partners in the fields of sales, distribution, business licenses, etc. Related company and product information can be released for free after a simple registration for 12 months under buyer meetings are free organised meetings with exhibitors during the trade fairs in Hong Kong, specifically the supplier search to help visitors spot.