How To Save On Car Rental In Germany

In Germany, over a period of low prices for rental cars (Mietwagen). In 2009, reports the AP news agency, rates have increased all large German companies operating in the service sector. According to their own statements prices on car rentals ranged from 5 to 10 percent. Official statistics and commentary trend is confirmed by the figures of the Federal Statistical Office Germany, but his performance as a whole industry is much higher. According to the agency in October of this year compared to the same month last year, prices for rental cars in Germany rose by 25 percent. As the pace of growth – this is the second largest consumer goods and services.

On the ground – computer programs (44.5 percent). Leading car rental offices in Germany (the so-called 'big four') Hertz, Avis, Sixt and Europcar acknowledge that the rates went up, but without comment number 25 percent do not leave. Thus, a representative of Hertz speaks of a 6-percent growth rate for individuals from the beginning of the year. Sixt said that the price for private clients during this period rose 'only' 5 per cent for companies – up to 10 percent. Avis – 10 interest 'in recent months,' for private clients. Europcar – 5 per cent 'to all segments. " Car rental companies and an award for recycling among the reasons that led to higher prices for rental cars, company representatives called, in particular, increased demand for new compact cars.

He explained, first of all, the introduction of the State Prize of 2,500 euros, which was paid in Germany for the purchase of new machines when disposing of old. Budget surcharge was part of a program to revive the economic situation. Producers sent their products to meet those demands. As a result, car rental firms in the selling season, faced a shortage of just cars for low-end, that is, small car.