Commercial Facilities Weeks

Smart Home systems installed in offices, restaurants, shops, hotels and banks. Such a thing as 'smart house' no longer seems to us something fantastic, as until recently. And after it comes into our lives and 'intelligent office'. Are phenomena one – an intelligent building, but the differences are in type systems and in emphasis. Commercial real estate generally needed in order to give people the opportunity to meet, cooperate, to work. Automation systems are designed to create optimal conditions for this.

It is not just about 'intelligent office', but also install them in restaurants and bars, hotels and shops. In each case may used by some systems in place to implement these or other features intelligent building according to the specific object. So for a restaurant, for example, required security control (security and fire alarm system, which integrates into the overall management, video surveillance), lighting control, climate control and 'multi' (the main hall is equipped with large screen and the corresponding acoustic equipment). In 'Smart' hotel makes sense to implement climate control, lighting control, energy control, control of water leaks. Intelligent Buildings provide the people in them, more convenient way movement, interaction and collaboration. In doing so they allow you to control and regulate the system infrastructure from one location, as well as duplicate and back up vital business systems.

One of the most important functions of intelligent buildings – is to ensure safety. Smart offices are equipped with a network of different systems of control and surveillance. Starting from the control building access, video surveillance systems that allow view the entire area, to systems implementing access control in certain areas through the use of personal identification card or even biometric methods for access control (Retinal scan and fingerprints).