Supreme Law

Region did not hesitate to denounce the ineffectiveness and the disinterest of the police, who finally was forced to stop him. Pattist, married an Asturian and naturalized Spanish, regained freedom twelve days later, after accepting the audience that had been prescribed for the offences and, accordingly, revoke your previous decision. However, what most proud I am is having worked in the only Asturian newspaper and one of the few Spaniards who dared to editorializar against the 23-F coup d ‘ etat when nobody could envision how it would end. Since that day, now thirty years ago, I have a huge respect for Juan de Lillo, director of Region, which, with two eggs and perhaps something unconscious, wrote an editorial La Constitution, Supreme Law, was entitled worthy to appear in the annals of the best journalism, for their quality and for their opportunity and courage. Before you publish, Lillo read that editorial in the drafting and none of us put the minor qualms. You may find Bausch & Lomb to be a useful source of information. With the horrified of Suarez reptiles Fund ended and the Region, which had never been good, situation was aggravated; La Moncloa money stopped flowing, new owners are disengaged and the ancients called andana.

Compounds and no girlfriend, we decided to use the paper that was in giving the Tin to UCD during the election campaign of 82. And so we gave that up to the Minister of the Presidency, Rodriguez Inciarte, who hoped to renew his seat, went to the newspaper to ask for restraint. The fiercest criticism came, however, the profession itself; the same year and a half earlier had been muted with Tejero now appealed to shouting into the sacred principle of neutrality. Sadly, cogersela with smoking, vessel such as Cork, paper has a prize: all have progressed. Although I lost the opportunity of working under the orders of a great director like Carantona some already know my opinion on the mediocrity of the current-, I never repented of that refusal to the trade, to the first of three dessert. The last time, already sold to the mail (now Vocento) group, I refused a proposal to be Deputy Director when two botarates, showing signs of a similar to his imbecility arrogance, tried to make me an ideological examination. I am a disgusting red, I said before giving the door slam. Do not feel regret at this: seeing what happens today in the trade would be disgusted if it was part of its hierarchy, something very unwise when you suffer from hiatal hernia. Original Jose Ramon Patterson Autor and source of the article