Spryng Dares The Jump Over The Border To Germany

The German platform Spryng is online as of today. Amsterdam – is the German platform Spryng now online. Spryng is known as a reliable supplier of mobile services that focus on the business market in the Netherlands. Various German customers make use of various services, which distributes Spryng through its international platform with satisfaction. To deepen the relationships with these customers and their claims to better meet Spryng dares the leap across the border and also offers its services in Germany. Via among other things a SMS gateway provides Spryng business customers sending bulk SMS and group SMS. The use of gateways and SMS sending can through an online user interface or Spryng’s API, which enables to integrate Spryng’s services, in its own systems are realized.

Spryng specializes in the area of SMS marketing and is also a premium SMS service, as well as custom-made according to customer requirements its German customers in addition to the SMS gateway offer. No contract term and hence no setup fee or monthly fee is coupled to the use of Spryngs SMS gateway. Customers pay only for de SMS itself. Spryng’s vision is based on the increasing importance that the mobile today takes in our society. Through mobile marketing, it is possible to reach audiences in real time and communicate messages in a very personal and direct manner. The Dutch health care company has its roots. Mobile services like Spryng she offers to reduce the significant problem of non-adherence and forgotten appointments that each year more than 175 million euro cost the Dutch health care sector according to calculations. Today, the company focuses mainly on the business market. Spryng’s customers include among others the Dutch Defense Ministry and universities, video stores, nightclubs, banks and brokerages. Katja Schmitt