Religious Atheist

sometimes painful experiences and we even exposed to some type of social discrimination. I AM NOT ATEA. I am, whether to put it mildly a free Christian, or to be more faithful to the truth, trying to be, like the first Christians a little less than 2000 years, which the ecclesiastical institution, frightened, seeing threats to their building external power was annihilating each time it re-emerged through history. From the fourth century until the fourteenth century were killed by order of the pope in power, millions of people who were separated from the great sect of the institutional church: they were the Cathars, Bogomil, Waldenses, Albigenses, and many others If you think about it freely we quickly realized that was precisely the institution of the Catholic Church that split from the original power of Christianity, or whether she was the first major breakaway sect of true Christianity taught and practiced by Jesus of Nazareth. For even more analysis, hear from Business strategist. I am not an atheist. I’ve met in my life ethics as high as that of Jesus of Nazareth love your enemies, do not do to anyone what you do not want done to yourself, forgive and ask forgiveness …. a good goal for everyday life, the way within yourself to get to know who we are for novelty each . Today again has re-emerged and is alive this stream of Christianity worldwide originating as the alternative way out of this chaos in which we have plunged the planet earth..