Prices Continue To Fall UMTS Flat Rate

How they can save the mobile Internet use also for UMTS of flatrates with discounters a rapid growth has taken place in the past few months and at the same time a variety reduction further discount. While it even continues to pay T-mobie and Vodafone network operators about 30 per month for a UMTS/HSPDA flat rate which can be used also with the laptop, the prices at discount stores have fallen significantly. So you can power both in the T-Mobile and Vodafone a UMTS flat below 20 a UMTS flat rate for. For example when BIG SIM for 19.95 a month for a period of 9 months, with the first three months also eliminates the monthly fee. In the Vodafone network to get currently for moobicent and surf.RED a 24 month flat for 19.95 a month. Is important in these offerings, but that it not the minimum contract term misses because the prices at an extension raised 29.95 or 34.95 a month. The UMTS flat rate offers are now as usual on the German market so-called fair flats, say from a data volume of more than 5 GB in a month the available speed is throttled. And I can confirm from my own experience that 5 GB during normal use is sufficient. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Mark Stevens.

In contrast to the D-network operators o2 as well as eplus are at their UMTS flatrates cheaper. So you pay at eplus only 17.50 a month for a UMTS flat rate. But the eplus network is built on HSDPA (up to 7.2 MB / s) also only selectively and maximum 384 kB / s are rather the rule. O2, however, seems currently continue to invest in network expansion and reduced the distance to Vodafone and T-Mobile. The UMTS/HSDPA Flatrate with 25 between ePlus and the two D-NET is priced operators. But here, too, a Discouter can be used with Klarmobil, a mobile Internet flat in the O2 network for 19.95 a month offers.

The prices at discount stores are typically action. Therefore it is worth to see which provider is just cheap. This is suitable for example the following UMTS flat rate comparison. Her Torsten Leidloff