Penal Law

Next I transcribe the text according to list of errata of the 2 of August of 2007 317 Art. Illicit Association to break the law (4) ” The one that comprises of an organization of two or more people destined to commit crimes will be repressed, by only done of being member of the same, with privative pain of the nonsmaller of nor greater three freedom of six years. When the organization this destining to commit the crimes anticipated in the articles 152 to 153-A, 200, 273 279-D, 296 to 298, 315, 317, 318 To, 319, 325 to 333; 346 to 350 or the Law N 27765 (Penal Law against the Washing of Assets), the eight pain will be nonsmaller of nor greater of fifteen years, from one hundred eighty to three hundred sixty and five day-fine and incapacitation according to the article 36 interjections 1.2 and 4, prevailing in addition, of being the case, the accessory consequences of the article 105 numerals 2) and 4), being due to dictate the precautionary measures that correspond to guarantee this fin.” 4.2. Use: The transcribed text is effective to date from the 02 of August of year 2007. In books, magazines and newspapers, have commented much with respect to the crime of ” Illicit association for delinquir”.

Of our interest to know and to locate the original text and its modifications there, as well as the Exhibition of reasons for Art. 317 of the Penal Code. The specialists in the matter have the word to clarify if in the original text or its modifications she is predicted and punished the mentioned crime..