Not Quite So Bad After All

Well, things could be better at work, but they could be worse. They definitely are going to go ahead and adjust the website so that there will be much less geeking for me. Other people in the company will now have much more responsibility for putting content on the site. However, none of them really know what they’re doing.

So that’s where I come in. My job, at least for the next few months, going to become more of a training and resource position. I have a few weeks to get together with our in-house training people, who spend a great deal of their time working with our customer service reps, and together we going to design a training programme. All the people involved in adding content of the website.

Even the design side of things isn’t going to completely disappear. I’ll no longer be designing the local site, but I will be involved with a small group working at a national level, to help develop the site for the entire company. If I handle this correctly. It may actually be a very good thing. This is going to lift me out of the “code monkey” aspect of web design and pull me a little further into the management, project design, and speccing of website projects. I didn’t expect to start doing this kind of work so soon; I’m actually quite excited.

Oh, and the best thing? The small group helping to design the national site will be meeting several times this next year at some rather nice spots around the country. At the very least, I should be able to manage a couple of trips to California. Yep, looks like there is an upside to this after all.