(b) mastery of the basic tools of new technologies of information and communication (NTIC): implementation of surveys, tabulation of the results and inferences from them. (c) domain of the mathematical content of the preceding levels of the educational system: test of problems, also contributes to determine the level of logical thinking and the level of creativity for formation of strategies by students by the inductive, deductive, or analog tracks. Adequacy of the discipline program and the subjects in them in addition to the traditional categories include developers functions related to the abilities of the profession where taxed general physics… Creation of a detailed teaching guide, which will be practically a planning (with dates, hours of dedication, scores, teaching material, etc.), the whole course with internal linkages of content from other disciplines and elements of NICTs must dominate the development of the courses. Development of teaching material, plan of proposed activities, monitoring and ongoing evaluation, final objectives and volume of content. Integration with the student life project prepared by the guardians appear where the extracurricular aspects of the discipline, which develop labor practice of the early years and those who are included in the student scientific work.

. Nor forget that a transcendent party, corresponds to the educational material, broadly shall: have a quality, size and content suitable to the project with the rules as they require the NICTs. Avoid the duplication, this would lead to increases in volumes of information and a lower educational performance. Preferably use exclusive material itself subject, textbooks, virtual libraries etc. The use of external material must be avoided as much as possible, to be used in a timely manner as complementary or material support. Avoid excessive developments of content in the classroom or in queries, which do not allow to address the most relevant aspects geared towards problem solving. Use problems inherent to the profession and whenever possible the method of assimilation of knowledge will be the analog that facilitates enormously the acquisition thereof.