MTV Phone

Could this development cause economic adjustment processes? The average age of the cell phone owner falls due to that change constantly and this walks past certainly the prepaid industry not so easily. Many customers who are still minors and have not the chance to complete a mobile phone contract, increases the number of users of prepaid cards, which use services as additional options including different flat rate. TSI International Group shines more light on the discussion. The mobile phone, as well as prepaid market experienced a large boom and minors interested in early years in telecommunications have not exactly little involvement from. It is currently as good as Germany’s seemingly normal to perceive more and more young people with a mobile phone and clearly perceptible mobile music. The majority of this target group is flooded permanently virtually only offers with prepaid cards and you have not more fully as a layman in the current prepaid jungle real track.

Exploit this fact to providers of prepaid cards quite turned and change targeted their tariffs the younger target group such as e.g. MyMTVmobile prepaid, which has a strong sales and advertising partner at his side through MTV. They offer most favourable options in the form of flat rates, with which it is possible to make calls every month free of charge or to pay to “text” and only a certain fixed amount. This mix of full costs prepaid caused card and the additional flat rate, the monthly transparent and low-cost fixed cost, persuading young people to such a hybrid version to fall back. Experts recommend to compare the offers, for example through a prepaid comparison, to ultimately, decide which is suitable for individual needs. To note is the fact that for the rather young audience price as a deciding factor to watch is, which has the current price war in the prepaid provider in the telecommunications industry to the result. This development are the so-called prepaid discount store were founded, by their aggressive campaigns and low prices are too noticeable. What remains are the children and adolescents who should stand offers a spate of prepaid and then decide, for which variant of mobile communication to win they are. Daniel Muller