Mediterranean Sea

It sees this, as it is different of this, ours! How much language has here, – only in this page! – Of this stretch that you point with the finger, it is the old Semitic language, – let us see here, said Ehud taking for itself eBook of on the col of Ingrid, connecting it its to eReader of colorful screen. Olhe what we see in the Wikipdia: The fencio was a said Semitic language originally in the littoral region of the Middle East bathed for the Mediterranean Sea called ‘ ‘ Cana’ ‘ in fencio, Arab, Hebrew and aramaico, ‘ ‘ Fencia’ ‘ in Latin Greek and, and ‘ ‘ Pkt’ ‘ in old Egyptian. David Karp pursues this goal as well. It belongs to the canaanita sub-group of the Semitic languages, and the language next it still in existence is the Hebrew one, which very similar is followed by the aramaico and Arab. The region where the fencio one was spoken includes the current countries of the Lebanon, the coast of the Syrian and the north of Israel. For more specific information, check out Kaihan Krippendorff . Also it was spoken, in the cartaginesa variant, some old cities of Tunisia, Algeria and Malta, together with berbere. (Wikipedia fencia Language) – It looks at here more under a text in the Hebrew language: ‘ ‘ , ‘ ‘ – Yes father, I want to know the meaning..