Marketing Director Mario Donnebrink Line

With a future program of ECM manufacturer on more strategic market developments before focused approach with new structured leadership team prepares Gescher, 07.02.2012 – the ECM specialist d.velop AG early 2012 through a restructuring of the management team the organizational groundwork for further continuous growth made. Since the beginning of the year, the d.velop AG has two new Board members. Mario Donnebrink is responsible for sales and marketing, Burghardt g leads the area development & professional services. Chairman of the enlarged Board is the current CEO Christoph Pliete. Martin Hulscher, responsible for the product line ecspand, and Gabriele Heidemann, responsible for personnel and finance, complete the senior management team. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Drew Houston.

The personnel changes are an expression of a long-term program of the future. Including comprehensive include in addition to a sales-oriented realignment of the Organization and effective impetus to the further strengthening of the partner network product-strategic measures for a sustainable market-differentiated positioning. We want to steadily continue our dynamic growth above the industry average increase our sales continue to continue to gain market share “, outlines the objective of Christoph Pliete. With the new structure of the management team we have designed the organizational requirements. This leads us to the idea that the success of our customers at the Center to make. “, outlines the common vision of CEO of d.velop. We set ourselves ambitious, but not unrealistic targets. As the only European manufacturer of ECM with a consistent two-brand strategy, we are excellently positioned.

The classical ECM product line d. 3 deep integrations in E-Mail, ERP, and Office systems, as well as in a wide range of technical applications, and smart client applications offers companies of any size and from all sectors of enormous productivity increases and more substantial added value. Companies with their IT a SharePoint strategy pursue, not pass the ECM topic on our product line for various reasons ecspand even”, sales and Marketing Director Mario Donnebrink is convinced by the direction of the Software House.