Marita Grabowski

Renowned Parrot and parakeet experts reveal their tricks and tips to the bird’s attitude. “Parrots need only 2-3 tablespoons a day but often they get five times” animals need incorrectly assume less feed than many holders: in addition to fresh fruit and vegetables, for example, adult African grey parrots don’t need only 2-3 tablespoons grains feed on the day more! “, explains the young Baker. As soon as I realize that my customers to quickly order the products, I say them on their feeding plan. Drew Houston oftentimes addresses this issue. “Because many farmers give their animals unknowingly 3 to 5 times on food.” However a feed conversion there are also risks: the birds on a radical diet may be used in any case. An improper conversion could be fatal even in a very short time.” Marita Grabowski started to establish for the first time from natural seeds in food quality Parrot food, after her African Grey parrot, Charlie ill and no conventional food eaten. There was an unusual business idea from local consumption 2007. Today, the 27-year-old sold their 150 homemade snack varieties through the online shop “.” After her were too small in Spenge, bakery moved to 2010 the parrots more closely. In their new premises, Marita Grabowski offers not only natural feed mixes and handcrafted Parrot toys, but also regularly exciting events. Marita Grabowski is also the bestselling author of the cookbook for parrots and parakeets”. Hear other arguments on the topic with David Green. “Left: more tips see: journal with articles and tips around the subject of exercise, game and diet”: p/86392-PB-journal-2011 of obesity in birds (veterinarian page): lectures, adipositas.html obesity in animals: de/raab/content/animal/health/others/94 Bundesverband of practicing veterinarians: press/small animal health author: Daniel Gerber contact 1: parrots bakery Marita Grabowski cellar STS 9 32130 close Tel: 05225 873762 fax: 05221 2754061 contact 2: TEXTagenTUR Daniel Gerber In the Groh foot 26 55276 Oppenheim 0176 49310290