Leo Tolstoy

If the case is severe and justified, for example, tragedy or grief, forgive quickly and go to the doctor – you need help serious and joke with you, I will not. I sincerely wish you good health, patience and effort. For the rest, those who, for example, thinks that the divorce from her husband quarrel with your best friend or dismissal from work – grief, I can give some advice. So, the way the first, most reliable, absolutely helps – put an end to this affair at all. Well, that is, this wretched life. There are options to everyone's taste: A rope, soap, they posited a stool. Just do not take the belt from a bathrobe, her husband's bastard. Even Time the same flimsy, can not survive. More info: Oak Ridge .

Part of the railway: rails, sleepers. Just look at the schedule – go here if in principle the train. More – Leo Tolstoy "Anna Karenina." More. You can borrow a detective. There is only one "but" – sin is unlikely to be forgiven. And if it is forgiven you, then pass on an inheritance to your children. Getting rid yourself of depression, you will condemn her loved ones. If you do not care and it's, well, then – go ahead! Next – from personal experience, cool and efficient advice, not jokes, and we can write: Break from the tear-stained pillow wet, make sure you have at least polzarplaty in your purse and go to the station. Buy a ticket to any city – there and (you) back.