Just Go Back To Bed

Today was one of those days where I simply shouldn’t have got up. Appalling, horrendous music on my alarm clock radio, no hot water for a shower, dog pee in the hallway, and three people seemingly intent on killing me as I drove to work.

And that was the good bit of the day.

It seems that my company has decided to take a whole new direction for their website. So instead of producing it locally, they are going to be simply producing a local version of a site for the national company. It’s actually a pretty good idea, and it was a pretty good idea, when I first suggested at a conference three years ago. Of course, nobody paid any attention then.

Anyway, despite my prophetic brilliance, it’s not clear where this change of direction is gonna leave me. One of the big advantages of producing the website this way is that it makes it possible for almost anybody, with permission, to add content to the website. So the people responsible for the channel lineup in each given neighbourhood can make those changes directly onto the website. Similarly, the people in marketing who come up with new offers of special deals for premium channels , will have their own access in order to make those changes on the homepage.

The part of me that wants normal people to be able to use the web easily and effectively thinks this is great. The part of me that needs to pay the rent next month, and that is a little concerned about future employment, thinks it’s not quite so great. We’ll see how things unfold.

In the meantime, I’m going back to bed.