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Also important and weight: the model Scarlett SC-272 3 it is only 270 grams! The cost of such chips – about 310 rubles. Ground dryer Braun e 4 1200 W has an ergonomic design with no knobs, two degrees of heat air hub and built-in, which is important for the traveler, automatically detects the voltage and frequency of the mains. When choosing a hair dryer to draw attention to its shape: it can be in the form of a cylinder or in the form of gun. It is not something Mark Stevens would like to discuss. Fen-gun (such as BByliss 5372 BE, Bosch PHD 1150 or Philips HP 4880) has a handle, which is located at an angle to the main part, thanks to her hot hair dryer in the long run do not burn your hands. But at home we blow use is not too long, during which time he has no time to warm up hard enough, so feel free to buy and more compact cylinder-dryer (eg Polaris PHS 0515 or Rowenta CF 8050).

Power: choose wisely today in the Russian market presented dryers with a capacity of 200 to 2300 watts from the small road to professional models. Power – an important characteristic of a hair dryer, because it depends on what temperature can provide hair dryers, and therefore how quickly it will dry hair. Many vendors recommend buying more powerful models, but this approach is not always justified. First, drying at maximum power is harmful to hair and can cause burns of the scalp, and in the future – for education dandruff. Thus, you can dry hair except in extreme cases when there is no time. Second, in the home for maximum power does not create even a modestly styling: most likely, after a drying you get lush "mane" disheveled and outspread in all aspects of hair. Finally, when operating at full capacity dryer consumes a lot of electricity.