First Veggie Street Day In Stuttgart A Success

The premiere of the vegetarian summer festival attracted thousands of visitors from all over Germany in the Swabian capital of good vibes, delicious food and great show deposits. Last Saturday at 11:00 pm finally it happened: the first VSD in South Germany opened its doors in the Stuttgart city centre. With their comprehensive entertainment and information program, the Veggie summer party enthusiasts not only vegetarian guests, but also could build on the successful tradition of the previous VSD in Dortmund. The star-studded concert stage, via the live cooking show with Attila Hildmann chef and a fair trade fashion show up to the ceremony of “Cookbook of the year 2010”, an exciting and eventful day was guaranteed to every visitor. Also a team of TV channel ZDF arrived to turn a contribution for the evening news. “We are thrilled!” said Sebastian Zosch, Managing Director of the Vegetarier Bund Germany. “The positive response and the enthusiasm of those who came first in the pleasure of pure vegetable food, made us very happy”, so Zosch. Even Achim Sanders “the animal friends e.V.” and organizer of the VSD in Stuttgart draws a positive balance: “We are surprised that soon we succeeded for the first time, to attract so many visitors from all over Germany as well as from Austria, of Switzerland and France after Stuttgart.” It was celebrated so together, eaten, and danced for”joy of living”, as this year’s theme was.

Only in the late night hours of successful Veggie Street Day came to a fulfilling and pleasant end. But the party is not over yet. On August 14, the VSD will return to his home – to Dortmund. For the fifth time, he provides a reason to share a special experience to inform, to indulge in a vegetarian way and with many like-minded people from all over Germany. You are cordially invited! Organizer of the Veggie Street day in Stuttgart are the animal lovers, e. V., the Vegetarier Federal Germany E.v. (VEBU) and the animal rights initiative Region Stuttgart (device).

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