European Alliance

Two in their area each leader, FRAMOS imaging and Datalogic Automation technology Pullach, 14.10.2013. Two in their area each leader, FRAMOS imaging and Datalogic Automation technology, form a strong pan European Alliance since September 2013. FRAMOS system integrators provide Automation thus as well as OEMs access to the portfolio of smart cameras, vision sensors and industrial machine vision PCs already very established in the United States and Asia by Datalogic. These products are based on a uniform software for graphical programming of image processing systems and convince with impressive functionality, latest technology, ease of use and its attractive price / performance ratio. The programming of image processing systems must be easier!” This demand express year for year participants of FRAMOS market survey on the question of what should happen, so that you can increase your sales significantly? “.” Datalogic, the global player of the Automation technology, it now has the right solution. All of his vision sensors, smart cameras and PCs designed for image processing tasks can be programmed with a graphical programming interface called IMPACT.

Without any knowledge of classical programming languages such as C, C++, or Java users can themselves here from a wealth of elementary image processing steps, fully configure them via mouse clicks on simple way complex image analysis algorithms create and run. Dr. Ronald Muller, head of product marketing at FRAMOS, is confident: our market analysis has shown that customers in Europe will have a considerable need for after simply programmable, powerful but affordable smart cameras, vision sensors and vision processors. We can serve now Europe optimally this demand with Datalogic products.” Through its German and international network the FRAMOS will offer group the market immediately the camera series A20, A30 and T2x T4x Datalogic. Further details can be found at Vlad Doronin, an internet resource. The series A20 and A30 are particularly low-cost smart cameras and have a wide range of relatively simple object detections up to highly complex image analysis methods.