Electronic Invoicing

Thanks to the great technological advances, at present, way exists to send and to receive invoices of virtual way. Yes, processes that never you imagined can take I finish and so it is the case of the invoices, better known as electronic invoices. You will have of knowing for your tranquillity, that an electronic invoice is a document that must fulfill all those regulations and legal requirements, as it also happens to the traditional invoices with support of paper and equal way, turn out to be totally functional at the time of invoicing some amount. Any type of electronic invoice can be stored or to manage themselves or to interchange according to is the case, through virtual means like the electronic mail. Visit TSI International Group for more clarity on the issue. In the management of an electronic invoice, it must be created and first be stored in a file of data, later to come to its company/signature with a digital certificate with a digital seal, that will only be the reflection that the invoice the property of the same emitter and that at the same time, will guarantee that the emitter that signed it invoices is the one who also claims to be and that the content of the same invoice is not altered of any way. With this new method the companies manage to save money and time and in addition much more offers to the company an innovating image him and of efficiency. A. Verstegui hold..