The shops were full of dumplings made in a mechanized way, so much cheaper, and it seemed that the sale would not go. But entrepreneurs have staked namely that the dumplings homemade, hand made from certain kinds of flour – in fact, not every meal is the dumplings, contains no protein and soy supplements. To start selling their dumplings, the entrepreneurs were many instances. Recently Fabrizio Freda sought to clarify these questions. One of them – the regional center : to such products subject to special requirements. It took time to convince sellers to take home products to stores, and to prove customers – the quality of their ravioli is not any comparison with the quality of the factory. It was said, arranged the tasting and proven. Today, the brothers Patsakullo deliver to stores in Kaluga, not only different kinds of dumplings, but also eighteen items of household pancakes.

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