Cava Wine

in the creation of spirits, as the reserve and quiet not to mention the temperature that it offers, facilitates the realization of chemical processes made by microorganisms. Some factors that play a fundamental role in the conception of a good cava are: Wood: This is a vital element in both the physical construction of the cellar and in the production of containers, as a wood quality cava provides the optimal climate factors for the proper development of wine and wine flavors and colors gives specific. Some of the most recommended wood for the manufacture of champagne are the oak and cherry. Temperature: This is a critical factor, since the proper aging at a temperature unchanged, providing the exact wine flavor. Ventilation: Delivering a ventilation system allows the wine periodic release odors, getting the wine to produce its natural smell of preserved unaltered. Vibration Isolation: create a system that prevents the bottles vibrating care is a factor, since the development of micro-organism may be disrupted or altered by vibration, for this ideal is to acquire an anti-vibration system which consists of suspending the shelves on some kind of shock or devise a system where the bottles are sustained by a system of belts. Although there are many more factors to look at the conception of a good liquor, these are the most highlighted, since poor control of any of them directly affect the product, in this case the flavor and wine quality. Although it is proper to note that other factors such as quality of grapevines are essential in the preparation of a wine, so the best approach before starting the design of a cellar is to ask advice of a winemaker, who can advise on the quality of the vine as the building blocks of the cellar..