Bob Marley

Who does not know Bob Marley? The jamaicano is considered a God for all those that like reggae, since it was who took off the rhythm of Jamaica and led for the world. Son of a young jamaicana with an English of half age, Bob if interested for music when in 1950, he was to live in a slum quarter of Kingston, capital of Jamaica. Its main influences in the start of the career had been Ray Charles and Curtis Mayfield, whom its Bunny friend knew together with. With aid of a called singer Joe Higgs, the two had finished knowing Peter McIntosh. Little time later, the three had come to form the group ' ' Wailling Wailers' '. In 1962, the entrepreneur Leslie Kong knew Marley and recorded some musics with it. The same the step that ' ' Wailing Wailers' ' it called the attention rastafri Alvin Patterson that had presented, them for the producer Clement Dodd. In the following year single of the group was launched first.

Bob if married and travelled for the United States, where its mother started to live. In the return, the band moved of name, passing if to call only ' ' The Wailers' '. With aid of the American singer Johnny Nash, the group recorded in 1971 the first album that took the name of ' ' Catch the Fire' '. In 1972 the group carried through one turn in England and the United States. In the same year &#039 was launched the album; ' Burnin' ' , that they contained successes as ' ' I Shot The Sheriff' '. Next the two records had received the name from ' ' Rasta Revolution' ' ' ' Natty Dread' ' both of 1974. This last one contained ' ' In the Woman, the Cry' ' , the song that projected the musician rastafri to the cantos quatros of the world.

In 1975, the album ' ' Rastaman Vibrations' ' it reached top of the stops in the United States. The success started to bother and it suffered an attempt from murder in the following year. The scare served so that it crossed the ocean to go to live in London, where would come to record incredible ' ' Exodus' '. Bob Marley still arrived to visit Africa and launched more three albums: ' ' Kaya' ' , ' ' Survival' ' ' ' Uprising' ' , before its precocious death in 1981, with 36 years. With music and a peace speech, Bob enchanted and enchants people in world all. Who likes its musics, can use to advantage to confer the letters of music of the Bob Marley in the repletos sites of letters of musics as ' ' Which is the Letter of the Msica' ' to leave singing the successes the jamaicano most famous of all the times.