VMware-based management solution enables secure and centralized access and control on the environment food, December 03, 2010 to the remote diagnosis and to promptly resolve problems within the infrastructure of data centers, Raritan ( has developed the CommandCenter Secure Gateway (CC-SG). To reduce hardware costs, the management solution now available as virtual VMware version is available in the same range of functions compared to the appliance. A free trial version is available at download/cc-sg for downloading. The frequent transfer of applications between virtual servers has greatly increased the administrative burden in data centers. For example, administrators must check more how they can access and worrying at the same time to access security and authentication on your server. Often, managing a virtual server requires different management tools. CommandCenter Secure Gateway’s new virtual management solution simplifies these Process and allows precise real time insight into the IT infrastructure by logs data migration across virtual and physical devices. Data center infrastructure at a glance using CC-SG IT administrators can monitor the entire data center infrastructure.

On the basis of a standard Web browser can be promptly diagnose and quickly resolve problems. CC-SG in managed virtual and physical server as a centralized gateway. A single, fully secured IP-access point can be control to BIOS environments IT resources of all kinds of applications and operating systems. The user can choose between the type of remote access, for example, between in-band and out-of-band KVM or serial, embedded and in-band software applications. Server operating costs reduce the usage of virtual CC-SG solution allows companies a simple cost control, because there is no need for additional hardware. In addition, administrators benefit from other features as Flexibility, physical installation and configuration options that are optionally available. Through the integrated virtual failover, the user saves additional costs because it must buy no dedicated hardware devices including the user license.