When people join a company, is for a project; When it goes, it is going of heads. Amparo Moraleda, President IBM are many companies who have neglected their workers at all levels and this note, when you measure the organizational climate, where organizational behavior presents little productivity, belonging to the company, motivation that leaves a great deal to say, being several causes that generate it namely: policies of the company in relation to the satisfaction of a jobperformance, low remuneration and recognition of the work: absence of a participatory, charismatic, leadership really integrated with their work teams; bad definition of charges, functions to perform: ergonomics, occupational hygiene leaves much to say; not developed technology; no defined career plan: absence of indexes of yields, absence of a proactive organizational culture, which is itself the performance of workers, work t teams plans with well defined objectives..

Tasmania Products

Ambrotose Advanced products are based on an innovative formula that offers a combination of Saccharides of last generation. They combine Saccharides and arabinogalactan of the aloe with the Undaria pinnatifida rich in fucoidanos, or wakame, a Brown seaweed that is obtained in the crystal clear waters of the coasts of Patagonia and Tasmania. The result: a proprietary blend of gliconutrientes to give support to the cellular welfare. General: The basic point of our system of 4 real products for the VidSM, the Advanced Ambrotose product, includes a combination of polysaccharides of plants, natural beta-carotene and other beneficial ingredients of plants to: They provide prebiotic effects giving support to the growth and proliferation of specific bacteria harmless. They give support for normal digestive health.

They support cellular communication. Moreover, in a small study clinical double-blind, placebo, Advanced Ambrotose powder controlled demonstrated improve immediate memory and recognition memory, improve mood and decrease irritability in middle-aged adults. The technology that supports the Ambrotose products has received more than 60 patents worldwide. Given that is the supplement to Advanced Ambrotose, : is made with real food technologies solutions. It is one of the 4 actual products for life. It comes from plants and natural sources. It has been created with cutting edge technology. It has quality ensured through our compliance with the good manufacturing practices (GMP).

Satisfaction guarantee offers 100% 90 days in Mexico. For more information about the product: frequently asked questions: what is the? Ambrotose? Ambrotose is a supplement gliconutricional *, a mixture of vegetable saccharides. Currently, there are two Ambrotose products: the Ambrotose complex and Advanced Ambrotose. The technology which develops the Ambrotose complex is patented in many countries, including the United States. These products are based on the same essential technology. Both are available in capsules and in powder form, that can be added to water or juice.

Civil Products

As consumers and users we are continually bombarded by ads and commercial proposals in all possible media, prompting us to purchase certain products or services, allegedly with numerous benefits to our everyday life. However, we are very little awareness about the serious dangers that some of these products could entail for our health and well-being. In effect, are very rare occasions in which the media echo of the many cases that take place on consumers who suffer some type of damage, personal or patrimonial, after making use of a particular product or service. Although the public powers of the different countries and their consumer authorities carried out a great work of research and surveillance, with regular withdrawals of certain products which, due to their characteristics, could be hazardous to the health of consumers, many times these end up reaching the same, consummating the damage. It is precisely in the face this type of cases by what in the different legal systems will provide for specific standards of protection to consumers and users, establishing himself as a generalized principle the responsibility of the manufacturer or distributor (importer) for defects in products and services put into circulation.

The same would lead in case of cause personal or property damage to them, their obligation to repair such damage. Products and conflicting services there are certain products and services that are often star in this type of cases of damage to consumers and users. Among others are the following:-articles destined for children, normally be made with toxic materials or small parts that they could end up accidentally swallowing. -Food products. -Correlatively to the earlier establishments of hospitality, for example by outbreaks of salmonellosis. -Electronic products, for failures in its components and possible short circuits.

-Automobiles and their components, primarily due to its high degree of current sophistication and by the strong competition between the manufacturers, being very frequent that these should call review models of vehicles by faults in its design or manufacture. -Drugs and herbal products. Some in particular, such as thinning substances, usually occur with special incidence in these cases. In any case, for the consumer who had suffered injury because of the above, or other product or service different; It will be open to the possibility of bringing a lawsuit for Civil liability, through which you can receive adequate to your damage compensation. And if the defectiveness of all products of the same type are determined, cited consumer authorities could order the withdrawal of them on the market. And all this with the purpose of that as users we can feel safe to ask the acquisition of certain assets.

Productivity Employees

The main asset of any company is fundamentally their workers, because they are those who do this work. Also known as human capital, and highlights its position as a key element for the business. Train your employees and improve the productivity of your business depends on the success of your company. The success or failure of any business depend largely on the talent of the team. That is why for each call to fill a job, it is essential to make sure every employee has the knowledge and tools necessary to successfully carry out their work.

A training plan should be well structured. Must meet the needs of education and training; Besides being aligned with the objectives of the company. To do this, we will design a management plan to train your employees and improve the productivity of your business: a diagnosis to start a process of training should be evaluated the business needs. This diagnosis can be performed using a format that the head of Department sends to your employees is recorded where the concept that they have about what they see as punctual for training. Define goals for the training and investment define what is what you want to achieve with the training and determine how recover investment.

For example, if you hire a professional course of sales for all sellers, after taking this course you will want them to increase their sales in Z %, this would generate utilities by Z amount and therefore recuperarias investment in X months. Select courses and empleadosSeleccionar the training courses necessary to improve the performance of the company in general and then select the most suitable employees to acquire this training. Make a cronogramUn schedule can be half-yearly or yearly. It is preferable to do so every six months, because you can take action if you see the need to make changes for various reasons. But, being annual, could affect the schedule to run dates. Review the Logisticala logistics is a key point for the company, relates to the budget, tools and people who will intervene in your organization and execution. In this case, rely on the company’s suppliers to perform skills is something that contributes to that costs decrease in budget afforded to make them. Some companies offer value added with the purchase of their products and training activities are part of them. EvaluacionTodo plan required to measure the effectiveness of their implementation, and is requirement to determine processes or actions to assess results. In terms of desired outcomes of training, if this was effective, it should be noted a change of personnel conduct, and this will be a positive impact on the productivity of the company and improvements in their performance.


We could say that no, after knowing that the head the network in Europe, has facilitated to the authorities of England names, IP, telephone and electronic mail, of one of its users and several tie accounts with the same. The reason that has made to Tony Wang give this information, is not more than some commentary than has realised the user in his microblog Mr.Monkey and that it has affected to three councilmen and a civil servant. Twitter gave to the user 21 days him to argue legally against the demand and in case of not doing it would be when they would present/display all data. According to Tony Wang, the users already were informed into which the data to the authorities in case of being required legally could be given Apparently in the times that run they follow in debate the privacy of our data and the freedom of expression in Internet..

Hairdressers Curls

Curls, leading network of hairdressers and training centres, has begun a frantic activity with well-known characters in his new multidisciplinary space of hairdressing custom in Madrid, located at number 44 of Madrid calle de Jorge Juan. Characters of the stature of Ana Obregon or Arancha de Benito are daily going through the hands of Manuel Rodriguez, artistic director of the brand, and his team of specialists in hair to maintain her looks or change depending on the Act to which they have to go. This professional has been nominated as best hairdresser of the year within the third edition of the awards of the Spanish Barber, granted by the Figaro Club, the same award last year was granted to his colleague in curls, David Sanchez. Arancha de Benito attended the appointment that I had with curls and commented that his profession had allowed you to meet many stylists and hairdressers and form an opinion for this reason; I think the curls group has a very professional way of treating the hair. In addition, make you feel at home with a very nice deal. It should also be noted his artistic Cabinet. When a few professionals advise you of how you should wear their hair, what suits you best, what look is appropriate for every occasion gives you an immense trust that wherever you go always be right with your hair.

For the summer, the model and presenter speaks of how his hair style you prefer: for every day, the most natural possible to feel comfortable both with the loose hair with ponytail or collected. For a special moment or an event at night, much volume and a touch of iron, explains Arancha. Ana Obregon also enjoyed an afternoon with the artistic team of curls by applying a treatment of keratin express with fill effect that came out happy. Superamable treatment, quality service and excellent facilities in the heart of Madrid make this Hall a safe, said Ana. We also ask this woman versatile in the world of the spectacle by the look that makes you feel more to taste in every moment: I like to wear loose and curly summer hair. For the night, with volume, the most natural is always a success, explains the actress and presenter. In his more than 30 years of activity, curls has carved out a reputation within the sector of fashion, particularly national but, increasingly, also outside our borders, as a creator of trends and styles. In this Hall the artistic team performs individualized services and offers the customer the option to create a personalised study and perform the treatments best suited to your needs.

In addition, we train professionals in the techniques more avant-garde to create trend and fashion. In short, an exclusive space for our finest customers, explains Manuel Rodriguez, artistic director of curls. Curls is nowadays one of the most recognized hair salon brands in the world of Spanish fashion. Their creations have always marked tendency, and her own unique style has become part of the history and legend of fashion in our country.

Disney Pixar Discount

Officially begin sales of summer at RYUDO, discounting a 30% of the original price in more than 20,000 films DVD and Blu-ray’s online store catalog and titles as representative as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, more beyond life, Black Swan (three titles in all its editions), the King’s speech or Tron Legacy, that plunge in Animax can be purchased but now we are talking about rebates, throughout the month of June store movies already it has been implementing 30% discounts on thousands of movies on DVD and Blu-ray. The difference is that now on sale RYUDO adds 2,000 titles to the catalogue of movies initially reduced, surpassing the figure of 20,000 films to which they applied a 30% discount on the price. This 30% discount also affects the film on DVD, to be released during the month of July and already you can book on Animax: Morning Glory, network and the trap of evil. Rebates expire on July 31. 50% discount on Disney Pixar equally, the online store has activated a promotion of 50% discount on all titles in the Disney Pixar collection, to buy at least two movies on DVD or Blu-ray from any of the titles, which include bugs and the Incredibles, emerging for the first time on Blu-ray version. In general, films like Up, Finding Nemo, Cars, monsters, Inc. or the various editions of Toy Story, among others, to a 50% discount on July 30 will be available.

Road Security

The security in the highways continues being in general sense, a daily chapter of calamities in the affected families. But, not less heavy, the load that represents for our economy the appellants tragedies preventing a true sustainable development of the Dominican society. The statistics in the countries of the region reveal the same behavior of the road security, reason why it is tried to implant a new model in the system of authority, characterized by the inflexibility in the justice and the hardness of exert those who it; in addition, of the creation of the Latin American Observatory of Data by the lack of credibility of the present system of collection and information processing, and that train we must mount in the very near future, in that respect, the Dominican ones we are remaining back. In the Dominican Republic they recently constituted under the auspice of the Foundation Network of Dignity National association of Victims in Motorcycle and the Road Safety net. This last one constituted by technicians and professionals of the sector in order to reinforce, we emitted the First Manifesto on Road Security, with regard to the past commemorating the World-wide Day of the Victims of Transit 15 of November, through what a serious call to the authorities and the society by better becomes attention to the victims of the transit in the legal and sanitary order. It obeyed to the events that would take place in the subsequent days in Moscow, World-wide the Ministerial Conference and Lisbon, in the Latin American Summit of Presidents. Then, at the end of the month of November one took place in Lisbon, Portugal, XIX the Latin American Summit of Government and female leaders and Chiefs of State, where they welcomed articles 31 and 32 on Road Security in the Program of Action of Lisbon, 2009.

TNS Advertising

The winners of the tender will be the exclusive right to represent the federal project in his region 'favorable conditions'. However, the details of these conditions, the general public know little. Official press releases report that the exclusive partner will receive detailed information about the audience of the site 'Classmates' based on reports from research firm TNS. Experts estimate that the amount of remuneration for agencies will vary on the level of 30-40%. Currently, the minimum order for advertising – 25 000 rubles. The cost of thousands of impressions (CPM) – from 25 to 55 rubles, depending on gender, age, time and frequency display. Members 'Classmates' – under the gun advertising followed by a network of 'OpenID', 'Classmates' discovered the possibility of targeting.

'In our view, banner ads, no need to show all and sundry, and selectively' – says Oksana Lukyanicheva, specialist of the PR 'Classmates'. When placing the ad will be available to screening audience of users by age and sex, frequency tuning and frequency of display materials, geographic targeting. 'If this is advertising of cosmetics for girls, it can be shown only to the audience she may be interested in '- she said. Undoubtedly, the close cooperation with the regions will not only give 'classmates' ability to earn more, but will increase substantially 'banner burden' to users social network. Now, many visitors do not encounter advertising, as advertisers interested in the bulk of the audience who lives in Moscow. The prospect of seeing more advertising on the 'Zhadnoklassnikah' (as it is social network community of users who are unhappy with a lot of paid services) is unlikely to please the audience site.

European Championship

The Spanish player lost the match against Turkey by a sprain. It was injured at the end of the match against Lithuania. It ensures that you have discomfort, but you can play. Spain fits the first setback of the European Championship against Turkey and without Pau Gasol. Pau Gasol, that Sunday against Lithuania suffered a sprained left ankle and did not play Monday against Turkey, has said it will be ready for Wednesday, when it begins the second phase of the European basketball. Through its space in a social network, Gasol said: I am better. I have discomfort in the ankle, but I’ll be ready for Wednesday.

Thank you for your support and interest. Pau Gasol has a sprained left ankle that is being treated with anti-inflammatory drugs and physiotherapy, reported the doctor of the team, Victor Lainez. Spanish forward suffered a sprain in the final minutes of the match on Sunday front Lithuania. Gasol did the warm-up before the game against Turkey, since he was working until the last moment together with your physical therapist to try to be available to Sergio Scariolo, but unable to retrieve it in time to participate in the meeting. Doctor Lainez hopes to study the evolution of Pau ankle every day to evaluate recovery periods. Selection undertook travel to Vilnius and Tuesday will train from 17.00 to 18.00 hours before facing their first meeting of the second phase, on Wednesday at 1530 local time. Source of the news: Pau Gasol: “I’ll be ready for Wednesday”