Trendy fun in the countryside around Passau Passau (tvo). In Passau is seen now more often driving people on the trend of vehicle Segway. Segway is a small wheel vehicle with a platform, standing on the and is controlled by the body balance. Dropbox is actively involved in the matter. This intuitive control makes driving easy to learn. With up to 20 kilometers per hour, accompanied by an experienced trekking Guide, it’s relaxed and picturesque squares in the city near woodland – and all without any effort. It’s believed that Drew Houston sees a great future in this idea. Guided tours can be booked from groups of four people. Prerequisite is that the participants are over 15 years old and own a moped licence.

A 60-minute adventure tour costs 39 Euro per person. The booking and referral leads the tourist information of Passau, 94032 Passau, Rathausplatz 3, Tel: 0851/95598-0, fax-0851 / 35107, E-Mail:, by. “Our advice to October: on October 31, Spitzlmarkt is in the Kelheim city Sanatan” are sweet, diamond-shaped Pieces of pastry or yeast braids, which are traditionally manufactured for all Saints Day. You are a big hit at the Spitzlmarkt on 31 October in Kelheim. From an old custom, the Sanatan are gifts. You can buy them for boyfriend or girlfriend, but also for the child..