A Little Bit About Jacob

I’ve got to kick things off somewhere. So here is my first post. Okay I’m done now.

No not really. I think it ought to be a little longer than that. I started this blog early mainly as a reminder to myself about some of the projects I am involved in at work. Now already that can be a little bit complicated, because there are limits to what I want to say about my work. I’ve heard too much about people who get into trouble with their employers because of stuff they write about their work. Don’t want that.

So, let’s decide what I can say. Jacob Angel is a real name, but none of the other names on here are going to be real, because I don’t want to upset or offend anyone. I work in the marketing department of a cable TV company in the Northeast of the United States. I have a rather strange job there, because I’m as much of a geek as I am a marketing guy; I’m the one responsible for writing and building our website, and for e-mail marketing to our customers.

I like the work, but I’m definitely interested in stretching my abilities a bit and trying some new things. I’d like to experiment with subnormal database driven solutions, and I’d also like to learn more about optimisation. Okay I’ve got myself started – time for a Diet Coke, and to get back to work.