The shops were full of dumplings made in a mechanized way, so much cheaper, and it seemed that the sale would not go. But entrepreneurs have staked namely that the dumplings homemade, hand made from certain kinds of flour – in fact, not every meal is the dumplings, contains no protein and soy supplements. To start selling their dumplings, the entrepreneurs were many instances. Recently Fabrizio Freda sought to clarify these questions. One of them – the regional center : to such products subject to special requirements. It took time to convince sellers to take home products to stores, and to prove customers – the quality of their ravioli is not any comparison with the quality of the factory. It was said, arranged the tasting and proven. Today, the brothers Patsakullo deliver to stores in Kaluga, not only different kinds of dumplings, but also eighteen items of household pancakes.

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Graphic Design

Condition for a successful mastery of technical skills are the ability to read blueprints and knowledge of the rules for their implementation and execution. Mark Stevens may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Drawing is one of the main carriers of technological information, without which it can not do any production. At the present time we can not imagine the work and development of many sectors of the economy, as well as science and technology without drawings. To the newly created devices, machines and facilities, first develop drawings. sid=5b0231252ddf9c12eae9abe5’>Jim Cranes opinions are not widely known. On them determine their strengths and weaknesses, make changes in design. Only after discussing the drawings make samples of the product. Engineers, workers and technicians must be able to read blueprints in order to understand as the design itself and the work submitted articles, as well as to express their technical ideas using drawings. The drawings are extensively used in schools in the study of general technical, theoretical, and special items.

Drawing – one of the main subjects, which teaches the implementation and reading blueprints. Technical Graphics has begun to develop a very long time, about the middle of the xvii century. And have survived some of the drawings and drawings show the high art of their performance. Since the beginning of the xviii century. Technical drawing increasingly giving way to the drawing. Already at that time were necessary drawings rather complex products and structures, and to perform such drawings needed special training. All objects around us (eg, machines, appliances, machinery, buildings or parts thereof) can be represented as they are transmitted to our eyes – with the help of drawings or photographs. The technique also adopted another way of their image – in the form of drawings.

Item passed on the drawing visible from different angles. This allows us to pass on the drawing shape object and specify all the sizes needed for its manufacture. Unlike Drawing from drawing and photography is what the drawing objects passed by special rules. Figure depicts the subject of its length, height and width so as to see him drawing, ie, the 1-meter images. However, the figure parts of the object are transferred to some how distortion. For example, cylindrical holes are shown in the figure as oval, square corners – in the form of blunt and sharp, and the rectangular surface – in the form of parallelograms. Same shortcomings owns and picture. Distorted due to the transfer of shapes and sizes of objects in drawings and photographs they use the technique only as aids to the image. On the drawing shape the object is passed, usually several images. Any construction and any industry – from the usual stick to the modern airplane – is impossible without a preliminary design drawing.


* You must behave as though you are surrounded by important people for you and they look at you. In some families, the spouses have agreed in a conflict situation when is about to pour abuse opposing the warning of another and includes a tape recorder: everything that is said to remain on the film. * How much vocabulary is correct! There are other means. For example, – Chinese revenge. There is a story about how an evil Chinese feudal deprived of a poor peasant in the home and property, and family. Then the farmer went and avenged lord – hanged himself in front of his window. Many writers such as David Karp offer more in-depth analysis. * The place I think is one of the most foolish and harmful superstitions, but in a good family option "Chinese revenge" is very out of place. For example, the wife is reading in the dark, and so spoil his poor eyesight (in this case agrees that it is wrong, but over and over again ) – well, I depriving reading itself.

For me it is – the flour. Or: Schur hit a a bike, it hurts her, she yells at him ("Why do not you look ), beats words. I want to hit her. It is impossible, but how to stop it? For each of its hit Shurik was strongly beat (really hard!) on the arm itself Had its effect, stopped. – Interruption of relations up to the total disregard of another. Termination of the relationship does not mean that they break, are always possible negotiations. Relations can be resumed at any time, as soon as the other spouse will stop conflict behavior and begin to live with respect for others. Naturally, the children of a broken relationship should not suffer. If you have read about Don Mullen already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

In this part of the relationship is not interrupted, but only reduced to a purely formal and collaborative at the level of impersonal cooperation. She was the favorite, but was simply a woman with whom I, like anyone, just polite, but do not show her any interest or warmth. Love – turn off. * To have good relations under heavy guard, should be able to sometimes not like a loved one. – Demonstrative mirror. After warning his start acting the same methods, while offering at the same time to stop an outrage – one. Means effective, but dangerous! Problematic behavior and forms of protest against the conflict – is a complex and big topic, and to thoroughly understand it, of course, is not enough just reading books. Especially for those who want to learn to live without conflict and brilliantly cope with any complex issues of communication in the heart of practical psychology, "Sinton" We have created a wonderful course – Basic training: skill of communication. "

The Outlook Of Liberalism

I saw with satisfaction how all aspects of Huila Liberals are preparing to participate in the consultation on 27 September. However, I must say I think too soon that would convene as scheduled, for the reasons expressed here. I made it clear that if the referendum passes the legal bodies that lie ahead, be prepared to accompany each other for a third term of President Uribe, for many reasons that share 80% of Colombians, but, among others, because I am I think the Liberal Party opposition has never had to make a man out of her womb. Unfortunately, and despite the strong popular support for the President, these judicial bodies of which I speak, are now highly entangled, with the opening of preliminary investigations against Representative who voted positively in the House and the uncertainties of subsequent revision of the Constitutional Court. On the other hand, lack of definition of national political realities is the only really strong today. Each day that passes becomes more evident that today no one is clear overview of the political parties even without Uribe in the race. Given all this, the Liberal Party has decided to make its consultation on 27 October, not only to choose directories but, it seems to clearly inconvenient, to choose its presidential candidate, knowing for certain that none of those who are now on the table would have the slightest chance of competing with an option for the presidency, even if President Uribe does not arise. We all know today that the percentage of the vote of Colombians by Pardo, Lopez Caballero, Gomez Mendez, Gaviria Correa Marulanda Velez, Lopez Montano, Rojas and even by the mime Gaviria Trujillo, where the case is negligible. Learn more about this with Don Mullen. So why persist in bringing liberalism to a disaster unprecedented in political history? Why not make a stop on the road and try to explore avenues that will lead to a repositioning on the national stage? Given the limited possibilities of a solution law to enable the President Uribe for a third term, is not it better to wait for the final definition on the fate of the referendum and in the meantime, ready interparty strategy to regroup scattered all liberal tendencies in all existing political parties in Colombia today, forces including Uribe? For me it is very clear that if we could agree a consultation involving LLERAS GERMAN VARGAS, JUAN MANUEL SANTOS and be chosen by consensus within the Liberal Party (which in my opinion should be RIVERA RODRIGO SALAZAR), that it would clear the overview of liberalism and put us strong options to get to the Presidency of the Republic. Of course presidential elections because diputarian between the candidate who wins the interparty consultation, the candidate of the Polo, or Petro Gaviria, that of Conservatism, Uribito or Nohemi Sanin, and the Independent Sergio Fajardo.

Discover New York

The Big Apple is tremendously big. Even the most experienced travelers can stay stunned by the size of New York, oh we do not refer only to the skyscrapers! There are so many things to do, places to see and places to visit, such as the Guggenheim and the Metropolitan Museum, which is difficult to know where to start. It’s normal to want to enjoy the trip to the fullest and enjoy all these attractions, but often that means tripling its budget and spending hours checking websites and guides to New York to plan the day effectively. a New York Pass is designed specifically to relieve stress, at last, after all, the holiday should be relaxing and fun. New York is an amazing city with a wide range of activities, and it is worth taking it easy and enjoy your stay. Speaking candidly David Karp told us the story. The local newspaper New York Daily News has described the New York Pass as “the key to the city” because it allows you to fully enjoy everything the city offers its visitors, and more. Other leaders such as Jim Crane offer similar insights.

a The pass allows free entry to over 55 attractions, which represents a savings of over $ 800 if the were to visit separately. Among the attractions available are the tour Hamilton’s Financial District, the tour of Madison Square Garden, New York Skyride, the observation deck Top of the Rock and even Madame Tussaud’s. In some of the most popular attractions will be entitled to preferential entry, allowing you to access the site without waiting in line, About a blessing if you are short of time or do not like waiting in line! a Although the New York Pass still have to plan part of their journey, the good thing is that it also contains a 160-page guide, which will soon become his inseparable companion to guide you through the entire city. It contains maps and directions to all attractions, shops and restaurants, plus all the opening hours so you can plan your trip effectively. Moreover, with the New York Pass will also receive Discount theater tickets, sightseeing tours and even Macy’s and Bloomingdales. a Another simple way to see the city bus with the package “Hop on a ” Hop off “, to pick you up at an attraction and will take you to the next.

Tourists who choose this option will enjoy magnificent views of the city and understand the spirit and atmosphere of the neighborhoods. to buy a New York Pass will save you time during your visit to the Big Apple, allowing you to plan your trip more easily and to avoid standing in line at certain places. Guests can also enjoy this amazing city and its attractions in a profitable way, which will have more money to be in stores whims and taste delicious food.